Although the law is quite intricate, victims of dog bites in New Jersey may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. Depending on the type of injury, the dog’s dangerous tendencies, and the owner’s negligence, the plaintiff-victim may be entitled to a variety of damages. According to New Jersey law, you might be eligible to receive compensation if a dog bit you. Working with West Orange dog bite lawyers with trial expertise is essential if you want to ensure that your case is litigated successfully.

Liability For Dangerous Dogs In New Jersey

You are entitled to compensation for all relevant losses, including but not limited to lost wages, diminished future earning potential, medical costs, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and more, if you were hurt by a “dangerous dog” as defined by the New Jersey dangerous dog legislation.

Responsibility For Serious Injury Caused By Animal Attacks In New Jersey

Depending on the type of your injuries, as a plaintiff, your claims (and potential damage recovery) may vary. Simply put, if you suffer a serious injury, you will be eligible for a wider range of damages than if you suffer a minor one.

In New Jersey, statutory law defines a severe injury as “any bodily harm that results in fractured bones or disfiguring lacerations needing several sutures or cosmetic surgery.” If you matched this definition, you may be eligible to get a complete recovery of your damages. On the other hand, if your injury was small, you can still sue the property owner but you will only be able to get compensation for your medical costs.

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What Makes A Dog Dangerous?

A dog is considered dangerous if it:

  • Attacks a human without provocation
  • Inflicting severe injury (or death) on a human without warning 
  • Leaving its owner’s property and inflicting severe injury (or death) on another household animal or pet.

Additionally, the hazardous dog must exhibit a history of unprovoked attacks on people or an inclination to do so. You simply need to establish that the dog was actively attacking, so proving its dangerous propensity, rather than that the dog actually finished the attack and caused harm in the past.

Defenses in Dog Bite Injury Cases in West Orange, New Jersey

Trespassing and provocation are the two main defenses used in dog bite injury cases. You most likely cannot hold the dog owner accountable for the injuries you sustained as a result of their dog biting you if you were trespassing on the defendant dog owner’s property at the time of the incident. Similarly, you cannot hold the dog owner accountable for your injuries if you provoked the defendant’s dog, which led to the dog biting you.

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Despite the fact that dog bite injury litigation may at first seem simple, the specifics of your injuries can soon give rise to complicated issues that call for persistent, knowledgeable counsel to get a favorable outcome. When seeking legal assistance, it’s crucial to speak with a lawyer who has a proven track record of success handling dog bite injury litigation. Without sufficient experience navigating the complexities of New Jersey dog bite litigation, your case will not be successfully resolved in your favor by attorneys.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Dog Bites

Will my insurance cover my dog bite injury?

I don’t believe my wound is serious enough to warrant seeing a doctor; can’t I just take care of my dog bite wound at home?

You could find it challenging to predict the consequences that could result from even a seemingly minor dog bite if you lack medical experience. Even if a dog has received the recommended vaccinations, a range of bacteria exists in its saliva that might lead to an infection. Furthermore, because you have a responsibility to limit the harm to your health caused by the dog bite, any possible compensation award may be lowered if issues later arise that necessitate filing a claim for compensation. This simply means that the dog owner will not be held accountable if it can be proven that your injuries were made worse by delaying seeking medical assistance.

What should I do if a dog has bitten me?

Even if your wounds don’t seem severe at first, it’s crucial to find the dog’s owner as soon as you can if the animal was running loose and unsupervised when you were bitten. In addition to the dog owner’s name being required in order to pursue a claim for compensation, the dog owner will also have the knowledge you require regarding the dog’s vaccination record (for example, rabies vaccinations). It is crucial to seek medical assistance straight once in order to stop any infection that the bite might result in, even if the dog has received vaccinations. You must notify the local Animal Control organizations of the dog bite after receiving medical attention. Call a knowledgeable dog bite injury lawyer who can help evaluate your case and take photos of the injuries to document the attack’s evidence.


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