Each and every year in the United States, van, truck, and SUV rollovers account for more than 10,000 deaths and over 30,000 serious injuries. A large number of those accidents take place right here in New Jersey. The occurrences are all too familiar: a family is driving down the highway or on a winding, desolate road when an animal jumps out, or another driver changes lanes with no warning. You make a minor steering adjustment, your van or SUV begins to rock back and forth, and before you can regain control, tragedy has struck. It happens every day, but it is not necessarily your fault. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured, or someone close to you has died, as a result of a rollover accident, please call for a free consultation so that we may discuss your legal rights. Through the legal action of our experienced New Jersey rollover accident lawyers at The Epstein Law Firm, you may be able to receive the compensation that you deserve to pay for medical treatments, lost time at work, and pain and suffering. The Epstein Law Firm has a proven record of achieving favorable outcomes on behalf of accident victims. Please contact us to learn how we can help you after a vehicle rollover accident.

Rollover accident victims are often injured when the weak roof supports fail under the vehicle’s weight. Roofs being crushed or collapsing in rollover accidents account for many serious head injuries, paralysis, spinal cord injuries, and deaths every year. In addition, persons may suffer injuries from defective seatbelts, seatback failure, and even airbag deployment failure.

In most cases, rollover accidents involve only single vehicles and they are especially common with SUV’s and passenger vans that hold ten or more people. It is a common fact that some vehicles are overly susceptible to rollovers and never should have been sold to the public.

New Jersey Rollover Accident Lawyers Help Victims Understand At-Fault

So, who is at fault in deadly rollover accidents? Even when drivers make an error while driving—like veering out of a traffic lane—auto manufacturers are still likely liable for your damages and personal injuries. If you have suffered from a spinal cordbrain, or any other injury due to a vehicle rollover, you must consider all legal and medical options. Cars must meet basic criteria for crashworthiness, or the ability to keep passengers reasonably safe even during many collisions and common road conditions. Rollovers are generally the result of vehicles with an excessively high center of gravity, defective car parts, or tire failure. It is important that you and those you love are represented by a firm that is experienced in bringing rollover accident claims to court. Don’t wait; contact our New Jersey rollover accident lawyers today at (201) 231-7847, and get a free consultation with our experienced rollover injury attorneys in Rochelle Park, NJ at The Epstein Law Firm, P.A.

How can vehicle manufacturers be held accountable? In the United States, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration establishes requirements, regulations, and recommendations for safe vehicles. However, car companies still fail to live up to mandated safety standards. In some cases, major car manufacturers have actually decided against implementing popular technology and designs that reduce the probability of rollovers due to self-regimented budget restrictions.

Many of these cases involve the Ford line of Explorers, Expeditions, and Excursions; Chevrolet Suburbans; Toyota 4-Runners; Mitsubishi Monteros; Isuzu Troopers; Jeep Grand Cherokees; Ford Rangers; Ford F-150s; and passenger vans of all types that hold ten or more persons.