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New Jersey Architectural Malpractice Lawyers

We Pursue Just Compensation for Clients Who Suffered Serious Harm Due to Architectural Defects & Negligent Building Design

Architectural malpractice claims are a means by which to hold accountable design and construction professionals whose negligence results in major financial loss, injury or death. Liable parties may include architects, builders, structural engineers, manufacturers, contractors and subcontractors.

If you or a family member suffered serious harm or loss as a result of injury or significant financial loss because of architectural defects, we can pursue just compensation on your behalf.

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Common Types of Architect Malpractice

  • Failure of architects to properly supervise projects they are responsible for
  • Use of faulty surveys; failure to properly review project progress reports
  • Breach of contractual duty to perform with care, skill, reasonable expedience and faithfulness
  • Use of inadequate or faulty building materials such as foundation concrete, siding, dry wall, insulation, electrical, plumbing or roofing materials
  • Failure to specify the use of reasonably good materials
  • Negligence related to inspections and the use of information gathered from inspections in new construction, as well as renovation projects
  • Violations of state building codes
  • Faulty or poor design leading to water leakage, cracked walls or foundation, and other structural failures
  • Failure to properly review drawings; failure to detect flaws which may cause harm
  • Contractual negligence with regard to contractors

Who We Commonly Represent

  • building owners
  • occupants
  • contractors
  • and others

The Epstein Law Firm helps all those who were wronged, harmed or injured as a result of architectural malpractice.

Why Hire Our Firm For Your Architectural Malpractice Lawsuit in NJ

When we go to work for you after you have suffered injury or loss as a result of architectural malpractice, we have one goal in mind: a favorable and just result. We are aggressive in our pursuit of that goal. We are prepared to take the steps necessary to protect your interests after an injury or loss caused by negligence in design or building of a home, office, school, retail establishment or other structure. Through negotiation or a lawsuit, we are determined to get what is right for you.

As aggressive litigators and strong negotiators, our attorneys know the law and we know the courts. Because of our knowledge and experience, we can develop creative solutions in cases of architectural malpractice. Contact us after you have been injured as a result of a fall from stairs, a balcony, an elevator or an escalator, and you suspect that the negligence of an architect or builder is a possible explanation.

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