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New Jersey Birth Injury Attorneys

A birth injury may be a result of an accident of nature. In today’s health care environment, however, medical providers have a great deal of information available to them that, when used properly, can help avert birth injury. If you were injured at birth, and have suffered from the results of that birth injury — or if your child was injured during labor or delivery in New Jersey, contact an attorney at The Epstein Law Firm to schedule a consultation.

An investigation into the causes of a birth injury resulting in cerebral palsy or shoulder dystocia often reveals negligence on the part of obstetricians and other responsible health care providers somewhere along the line. During prenatal care, an OB/GYN is normally expected to identify and prepare to mitigate any risk factors such as the mother’s excessive weight, heart problems or diabetes, an umbilical cord irregularity, or an oversize fetus.

Schedule a consultation regarding your baby’s birth injury. Is a lawsuit indicated as a means of addressing negligence and obtaining needed compensation after a child is diagnosed with Erb’s palsy resulting from shoulder dystocia?

In extreme cases, where a baby is born severely disabled, there may be reason to say that a wrongful birth occurred if parents were not given the opportunity to make an informed decision.

Did the sonogram before birth indicate that the fetus would be born seriously ill or disfigured? Or did risk factors indicate the need for a Cesarean section? Perhaps when the obstetrician failed to diagnose the risk during the first trimester, the result was a loss of opportunity to make an informed decision on the outcome of the pregnancy.