Although contracts are drafted with the purpose of ensuring that the parties to the contract understand their respective rights and obligations, disputes over contracts can still arise. Sometimes a business contract dispute occurs because of an inadequately or poorly drafted contract that fails to clearly explain the parties’ rights and responsibilities or that fails to anticipate all possible events or emergencies, leaving the parties to fight over their respective rights and obligations when things go wrong during a contractual relationship. Of course, many business contract disputes are triggered when someone fails to live up to their agreements and responsibilities under the contract. 

Regardless of how you or your business find yourselves involved in a business contract dispute, The Epstein Law Firm, P.A. can help. Our experienced litigators can review the details of your case and advise you as to whether you have a promising case for a favorable outcome to the dispute. We are aggressive negotiators and litigators who will work tirelessly towards the goal of securing the best possible results for you in a business contract dispute. We know that a contract dispute can take important time and money away from the growth of your business, which is why we always pursue strategies to secure positive results as efficiently as possible.

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Business Contract Dispute Claims We Can Represent You In

Our experienced business litigators can help you and your business resolve all different types of contractual disputes, including:

  • General breach of contract claims
  • Real estate contract disputes, including disputes involving lease agreements, real estate purchase agreements, and real estate development agreements
  • Intellectual property agreements, including R&D agreements, assignment agreements, and licensing agreements
  • Employment contracts, including NDAs and non-compete agreements
  • Claims of tortious interference with contractual relationships or prospective economic relations
  • Corporate governances contracts, including LLC operating agreements, shareholders agreements, partnership agreements, and stock purchase or subscription agreements
  • Transactional agreements, including stock purchase agreements, asset purchase agreement, purchase-and-sale agreements, and merger agreements

Our firm works to resolve a business contract dispute that you or your company are involved in as efficiently as possible so that you can get back to focusing on your work or your business. Where possible, we try to resolve a dispute through a negotiated settlement or at mediation or arbitration. We recognize that litigation in court is expensive and time-consuming, which is why we only recommend you pursue litigation when it represents the best option for achieving your goals and interests in a business contract dispute.

How Our Firm Helps Clients Like You and Your Business Resolve Contract Disputes

Whatever the causes of a business contract dispute, we know that you and your company’s primary goal is to obtain a favorable resolution as quickly as possible so that you can put the dispute behind you and get back to building your business. That’s why our experienced litigators pursue efficient resolutions to contract disputes where possible, including settlement negotiations, mediation, or arbitration. Having helped other clients obtain successful results in business contract disputes, we have developed the knowledge and expertise to develop effective and creative legal strategies to pursue an outcome that meets your goals and needs.

Our legal team will thoroughly review the contractual agreements related to your dispute to understand your legal rights and obligations under the agreement so that we can provide you with honest advice about your rights and your legal position in the contract dispute. We can also walk you through options for resolving your dispute to help you reach an outcome that is favorable to your interests. Ultimately, we will help you develop a legal strategy for a business contract dispute that allows you or your business to resolve the matter and move on with as little expense of time and money as possible.

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If you or your business find yourself facing a potential contract dispute or already in the midst of a legal dispute, we can help. You deserve to have dedicated attorneys advocating for your legal rights and interests. Contact us today for a consultation to discuss the details of your case and to learn more about how we may be able to help you secure a favorable outcome to your business contract dispute. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Business Contract Disputes in New Jersey

If I’m in a business dispute, what should I do?

How long do I have to file a lawsuit in a business contract dispute matter?

New Jersey’s statute of limitations typically requires that a lawsuit arising from a breach of contract be filed within six years of the date that the cause of action accrues (usually, the date that the contract is breached or repudiated). However, contracts involving the sale of goods must be filed within four years of the date that the cause of action accrues. Parties to a contract may also agree to a shorter limitations period on claims arising from or relating to the contract; a business contract disputes attorney from The Epstein Law Firm can review your contract language and the facts of your case to help you determine how long you have to file a lawsuit in your dispute if that should become necessary.

Why do I need an attorney for a business contract dispute?

Although you or your business are certainly free to try to resolve a business contract dispute without legal representation, having an attorney is often the best way to protect your rights and interests. An experienced lawyer will have represented other clients in similar disputes and will know what to expect in guiding you through your case. Your lawyer can lay out all your available options and walk you through the process of selecting a legal strategy that will give you the best chance at securing a favorable outcome in a business dispute.

If I’m in a business dispute, what should I do?

If there’s a significant dispute that’s going to require extensive, complex litigation it will be very expensive. So you’re in what we call a ‘Zero-Sum Game’ where you’re going to pay a lot of money to litigate the case. And therefore you have to take an approach at the beginning of the case as a lawyer: Can or should this case be resolved? And can or should we facilitate an early resolution so that the clients are either receiving money or paying money in an efficient way where they’re not just losing money in litigation that they can’t ultimately get back.


Due to the complexity of our case, most attorneys were not interested. Not only did Michael Epstein take our case, but he was able to manage the situation towards a multi-million dollar settlement that was well in excess of our expectations. They are practical, business-minded attorneys who demonstrated their expertise with every interaction. Michael & his team worked tirelessly & aggressively on our behalf and brought our case to a successful outcome.

Andrew W.

Michael Epstein and The Epstein Law Firm recently obtained a multi-million dollar settlement in an extremely complex and difficult financial services case. He and his team not only mastered the complex issues in the case, but also expertly handled all aspects of the negotiations. I cannot thank Michael enough for his dedication and hard work, and I highly recommend him and The Epstein Law Firm for those who need smart, creative, and aggressive lawyers who put their clients’ interests first.

Brian G.