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Case Results – The Epstein Law Firm, P.A.

The following list of cases is a sample of The Epstein Law Firm‘s settlements, verdicts and role in developing new law:

$13.585 million — Confidential settlement.

$10 million — Settlement working as local counsel along with Baltimore law firm on behalf of a Maryland woman who lost both of her legs after being struck by a New Jersey Transit bus in Lakewood, NJ.

$8.25 million — Confidential settlement.

$4.25 million — Confidential settlement in a wrongful death and survival action; a husband and father from Teaneck burned to death after a tire fell off while he was driving, causing the car to flip and catch fire. A major mechanic operations company was at fault for failing to attach the tire properly.

$4.195 million — Verdict for a 59-year old Oradell resident who suffered multiple fractures to his legs as a passenger of a drunk driver who was served while visibly intoxicated at a bar in South Hackensack. The jury found the driver 80 percent at fault and the bar 20 percent at fault for causing the man’s physical injuries, lost wages and medical costs, including the cost of a nursing home where he has lived since the accident.

$3.8 million — confidential settlement on behalf of fund of funds and investor against national law firm for securities fraud and legal malpractice arising out of material misrepresentations and omissions in investment documents.

$3.5 million — Verdict for a Garfield resident who became paralyzed from the waist down after riding in a limousine that drove off the Garden State Parkway in Clifton.

 $2.625 million  — Confidential settlement on behalf of equities trading company against national law firm for legal malpractice arising out of errors and omissions in transaction documents.

$2.483 million — Settlement in Bergen County for a Ho-Ho-Kus woman who suffered severe and permanent injuries when she was struck by a commercial truck while she was waiting for the bus on Route 17 in Ho-Ho-Kus. She suffered multiple fractures in her left foot and ankle that required 12 surgeries to save her foot.

$2 million — Settlement for a Hewitt, New Jersey, man who required an eight-hour facial surgery, two spinal fusions, four-stage surgery to repair his nose and three-phase surgery to his mouth after he suffered these and other injuries when a tree fell on his back while he was performing excavation services for the construction of a new home in Jefferson, New Jersey.

$1.75 million — Confidential settlement in a legal malpractice case arising out of a transactional attorney’s error.

$1.65 million — Settlement for a husband and wife from Paramus who suffered severe injuries in a head-on collision on Forest Avenue in Paramus.

$1.622 million — Verdict in Bergen County on behalf of a widow whose husband was struck in a crosswalk on Kinderkamack Road in Oradell, New Jersey, by a pizza delivery man. The man suffered three fractures of his right leg and was in the hospital for approximately three months before dying from complications from his injuries.

$1.55 million – Confidential settlement on behalf of an employee for an international money management firm arising out of a breach of contract that was construed under New York Law.

$1.5 million — Jury verdict on behalf of a husband and wife against doctors for injuries to the male genitalia.

$1.4 million — Verdict on behalf of a Wayne man and his wife against the owner of an Allendale building that had leaks in its roof. As a result of the leaks, the Wayne man slipped while moving a heavy object at work and suffered a double hernia and a cyst on his testicle. He later had surgery to remove the testicle, treated with pain management for 2½ years, treated with a mental health counselor for 2½ years and never returned to work because of his injuries.

$1.3 million — An 83-year-old man who was severely injured in a pedestrian accident received the full proceeds of a $1.3 million pre-suit settlement with insurance. Read more.

$1.276 million — Verdict on behalf of Ridgewood and Wayne obstetrical and gynecological practice against St. Joseph’s Medical Center for breach of contract and against the CEO and the chair of the obstetrical and gynecological department for unlawful interference with the practice’s contract with the medical center. *

$1.265 million — Confidential settlement in a wrongful death and survival action on behalf of a 32-year-old Hudson County woman who died shortly after childbirth; the settlement was entered into with multiple doctors who were alleged to have mismanaged the Hudson County patient’s care after she delivered her daughter.

$1.25 million — Settlement in Middlesex County for a Sussex County man who suffered severe and permanent injuries after being electrically shocked while working on ceiling tiles in an office building. As a result of falling off of a ladder, the Sussex man suffered multiple fractures of his lower right leg that required eight surgeries. He also had significant wage loss and outstanding medical bills.

$1.2 million — Settlement for the legal guardian of a 78-year-old Wyckoff resident who suffered a fractured pelvis and brain injuries after a volunteer firefighter struck him while he was walking in a crosswalk on Franklin Avenue in Wyckoff. The brain injuries left the man permanently disabled and incapacitated, and he now requires 24-hour care in a medical center.

$1.2 million — Settlement for an 11-year-old passenger who suffered significant neurological injuries in a car accident.

$1.2 million — Jury verdict for Edgewater families that lost houses and personal property from a fire caused by a general contractor’s failure to maintain and supervise a job site.

$1.168 million — Verdict on behalf of foreign company against Cresskill man who failed to repay a promissory note.

$1.1 million — In confidential settlements in 2005.

$1 million — Jury verdict for the estate of a 42-year-old Wayne resident against a life insurance company for an accidental death benefit after the jury found that the man had died from a car accident, not from a heart attack.**

$1 million — Jury verdict for the inventor of patent against a former business partner for breach of implied contract.

$1 million — Settlement for a Clifton motorcycle driver who suffered severe, permanent and disfiguring injuries to his leg, arm and shoulder after being cut off by a car on Route 3 West in Secaucus.

$1 million — Settlement in Hudson County on behalf of parents whose Jersey City daughter died from carbon monoxide poisoning because the defendant landlord failed to install carbon monoxide detectors and improperly installed a water heater.

$850,000 — Settlement of a medical malpractice case for a Wayne woman who had a facial nerve severed during surgery.

$839,000 — Jury verdict in Bergen County against a tavern for serving a patron who was visibly intoxicated. The verdict was in favor of a 59-year-old Oradell man who was the passenger of the drunk driver who drove into a pole in Ridgefield, New Jersey. He suffered multiple leg fractures and is confined to a nursing home. The jury found the tavern 20 percent responsible for causing the accident.

$825,000 – Settlement in Passaic County case on behalf of Paterson man who sustained fractures to his lower leg after slipping and falling on ice in apartment complex.

$750,000 – Confidential settlement during trial in Passaic County on behalf of Woodland Park man who sustained severe and disabling injuries following a total hip replacement.

$750,000 — Settlement for a Maywood man who required ankle reconstruction and a spinal fusion after his car was struck by a cement truck on Route 17 in Rochelle Park, New Jersey.

$750,000 — Verdict for a passenger of a limousine who suffered severe injuries after the limousine drove off the Garden State Parkway in Clifton.

$710,000 — Settlement on behalf of the Borough of Old Tappan against Travelers Insurance Co., which held a surety bond for a road contractor that went bankrupt, in an insurance law/surety bond dispute. The bankrupt contractor had performed services related to a public sewer project, and its compaction of the soil under the roads was done improperly, causing the roads to sink. As a result, the Borough of Old Tappan had to repair the roads and sued Travelers which, as the surety bond holder, stood in the shoes of the contractor.

$700,000 — Jury verdict in favor of a discharged employee based on the company’s violation of its employment manual.

$627,500 — Settlement in Bergen County case on behalf of Palisades Park man who fell off of a ladder while doing a construction project for super market in Northvale.

$550,000 — Settlement in a head-on collision in which the male plaintiff suffered serious injuries, but was able to return to work as a warehouseman.

$550,000 — Jury verdict against an orthopedic surgeon who negligently supervised a patient’s physical therapy and caused the patient to suffer significant injuries to his shoulder.

$550,000 — Settlement in a wrongful death and survival action on behalf of a widow whose 80-year-old husband was hit and killed by a truck while he was crossing a street within a crosswalk in Teaneck.

$550,000 — Settlement for a Metuchen woman who required a fusion surgery to her lower back and needs a fusion surgery to her neck as a result of a commercial van striking the rear of her car while she was stopped in a parking lot.

$500,000 — Jury verdict against a doctor for failure to timely diagnose tuberculosis.

$500,000 — Settlement for a man who was in a coma as a result of doctors failing to monitor him properly after an operation.

$500,000 — Confidential settlement against an orthopedic group and emergency care center for failing to diagnose a tumor (sarcoma) in the lower back.

$350,000 — Jury verdict for a woman who injured her head and neck in a head-on collision.

$339,000 — Jury verdict for a woman who fractured her ankle after falling down stairs.

$306,000 — Jury verdict for knee injuries involving torn meniscus and partially torn ligament from collapsing step.

$300,000 — Confidential settlement for a family whose mother/wife died while a patient in a critical care unit when her tracheotomy tube became dislodged.

Confidential settlement for a child who suffered spinal cord injuries and neurological impairments in a motor vehicle accident.

Confidential settlement on behalf of an employee who contended that a supervisor’s comments about Judaism created a hostile work environment.

Cusseaux v. Pickett, 279 N.J. Super 335: established first case nationally recognizing a civil claim for battered women’s syndrome.

Eyoma v. Falco, 247 N.J. Super 435: established recognition for claims of unconscious or comatose patients/loss of enjoyment of life.

Izhaky v. Jamesway Corp., 195 N.J. Super 103: established applicable standards of care for landowners/general contractors to employees of subcontractors; jury verdict in favor of plaintiff; affirmed on appeal.

* Reversed by the Appellate Division.

** Reversed by trial court following the verdict.

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