Whether you needed emergency surgery or went in for a planned operation, you placed your life in the hands of the surgeon. You believed that all the risks had been explained to you beforehand, and you trusted the surgeon to perform the operation with the highest possible level of care. If the end result of the operation left you worse off than before or if you lost a loved one in surgery, you will want to seek the advice of a qualified medical malpractice lawyer as soon as possible so that you can know and understand your rights. The New Jersey surgery malpractice lawyers at The Epstein Law Firm are prepared to help you find answers. Even if your surgery was considered “routine” or “minor,” we recognize that those are just labels; every operation is serious. Surgeons have a duty to prepare for and perform surgery with the utmost care. When they fail, patients are seriously injured and even killed. We believe surgeons must be held accountable when that happens.

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Our Dedicated Team Of New Jersey Surgery Malpractice Lawyers Have Expert Knowledge In Pursuing Lawsuits Involving a Variety of Surgical Errors

Our surgery error attorneys in Rochelle Park, NJ are ready to talk with you about your situation and will provide you with the personalized service that you deserve. If you or your family member suffered injuries in a surgical center that caused injury or resulted in a fatality in your family, we can help you. Possible medical malpractice situations include cases where:

  • An instrument or a sponge was left in a patient during a surgical procedure, resulting in infection or emergency surgery.
  • A risky surgery was performed without giving the patient or family the opportunity to give informed consent.
  • An improper surgical technique resulting in serious complications or death.
  • Doctor negligence results in an operation on the wrong body part.
  • The risks of the operation were not disclosed prior to operating.
  • Plastic surgery errors result in infections and other complications.

Lawyers at The Epstein Law Firm have decades of experience litigating and winning medical malpractice claims across New Jersey. We are not afraid to take on powerful hospital systems and insurance companies on behalf of the injured. We have the resources and skill needed to pursue your claim effectively.

Victimized by Surgeon Malpractice? Contact Our Bergen County Lawyers for Help

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