Those who witness a vicious assault by a dog on a human often express shock at the violent behavior of the canine they once thought of as a loving pet. Dogs have been tamed by humans for generations, but not all dogs make good pets, and not all dog owners are responsible when it comes to training, monitoring, or restriction. Experienced East Orange dog bite lawyers can assist you in pursuing compensation for your injuries.

Dogs are naturally aggressive and can be trained to be so for specific purposes; “working” dogs like German Shepherds, for example, are typically bred specifically for guard duty or other roles that call for a high level of aggression. A traumatic attack can occur when a dog’s predatory nature and dominant tendencies are combined with a lack of training and supervision.

Those Who Are Attacked Often Sustain Life-Threatening Wounds

Children and the elderly make up the bulk of the human victims of severe dog attacks in East Orange. Because of their size and the inability to differentiate between play and aggressiveness, dogs are more likely to act aggressively against children. Because of how vulnerable they are, dog attacks tend to be more devastating for these communities. Because of their size disparity, huge dogs are able to easily bite into children’s heads and necks, causing serious injuries such as skin and blood loss, bone fractures, eye and nerve damage, scars, hazardous infections, and even death. In addition to the physical harm caused by a dog attack, psychological distress can result from the resulting visual disfigurement, such as scarring.

Legislation in East Orange Regarding Dog Bites

Dog owners in New Jersey are responsible for any damages caused by their canine, regardless of whether the owner was negligent or malicious. The state dog bite legislation (NJSA 4:19-16) holds the owner accountable for damages if the dog bites a person in a public place or a private area, including on the owner’s property, regardless of whether the dog has a history of viciousness or the owner was aware of this conduct. For the purposes of this act, a person is considered to be “lawfully on a property” if they are doing an activity authorized by state law or postal regulations, or if they are present due to an express or inferred invitation from the property owner.

Using “comparative negligence” as an argument in a dog bite accident case places the burden on the dog owner to prove that the victim acted recklessly or intentionally in exposing oneself to harm. It would be up to the dog’s owner to prove that the victim was aware of the dog’s terrible history or had taken deliberate actions to irritate the animal before it bit.

When A Vicious Dog Attacks A Person, Who Is To Blame?

While the possibility that some dog breeds are inherently violent is still up for debate, nearly all experts agree that improper training, abuse, or neglect are major contributors to dog attacks. A New Jersey court can hold an owner legally accountable for their dog’s acts, even if the dog has never shown any signs of violence previously.

Attacks by vicious dogs are not only alarming but can leave victims, especially youngsters and the elderly, with lasting physical and emotional scars. It’s possible that victims will need extensive medical care, including possible hospitalization and surgical intervention. Dog bites can cause serious diseases, and unvaccinated dogs pose a risk of spreading rabies. Contact our team of East Orange personal injury lawyers today for a free consultation.

Receiving Just Restitution After a Dog Attack

You have every right to sue the owner of the dog that attacked you or a member of your family for financial damages. You should immediately begin seeking the counsel of experienced East Orange dog bite lawyers who can help you file a claim for financial compensation. These claims are often resolved amicably through discussions with the insurance provider of the dog’s owner.

Your family may be entitled to compensation in a dog attack lawsuit for the financial effect of the injuries and the cost of medical and other treatment needed by the assault, such as future scar-reduction treatments or therapy for a traumatized youngster. You may also seek damages for mental anguish and physical discomfort. Dog bite lawsuits are typically covered by homeowner’s insurance. You or a loved one may have a personal injury claim if you or they were bitten by a dog, but there is a statute of limitations (a time restriction established by law) on dog bite personal injury cases. A court case must be filed within two years following the incident. Any chance you had of receiving compensation will be lost if you miss that deadline (with some exceptions).

Our Dog Bite Injury Attorneys in East Orange, NJ Have Expertise in Handling Serious Dog Attacks

For almost eight decades, East Orange’s injured have turned to The Epstein Law Firm, P.A. Proudly, we have won over $320 million in settlements and verdicts for our clients, ensuring that they will receive the medical attention and financial support they require following their accidents. Complex legal and medical concerns are where our firm shines. The Supreme Court of New Jersey has recognized fourteen of our East Orange dog bite lawyers as Civil Trial Attorneys, a high level of professional achievement.

If you or a loved one has been gravely harmed by a dog, you should contact The Epstein Law Firm, P.A. in East Orange immediately to discuss your legal options and preserve your rights.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Bites in East Orange

Will my insurance cover my dog bite injury?

To retain the services of East Orange dog bite lawyers in the event of a dog bite, what can one expect to pay?

Your dog bite attorney fees will increase or decrease based on the outcome of your case. Our attorneys at The Epstein Law Firm, P.A. only get paid if we win your case. We only get paid if you win. The charge will be calculated as a percentage of the total amount you get as compensation for your injuries. At the no-cost initial meeting, we’ll go over all of the fees and costs you can expect to pay when you hire an attorney.

In the event that you get bitten by a dog, what should you do?

In the event that you or a loved one have been bitten by a dog, urgent medical assistance is required. Collect the names and numbers of anyone who saw the incident or interacted with the dog. Having photographic confirmation of the damage is also useful. Get yourself competent dog bite injury attorneys in East Orange, NJ to assist you, as dog owners are held legally responsible for attacks on people.


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