Even the friendliest dog can suddenly turn aggressive and bite someone with no apparent reason. Injuries sustained as a result of a dog bite or attack should entitle you to financial compensation for your pain and suffering. Get legal representation from Nutley dog bite lawyers to help you win your case.

Injured people in Nutley, Essex County, and throughout South Jersey have had the legal representation they need from The Epstein Law Firm, P.A. since 2010. We understand how daunting it might be to face the law. Therefore, we put forth the effort to manage every facet of our clients’ cases so they can rest easy. With us, you are more than a case number. Before pursuing a legal strategy, we take the time to get to know you and learn about your situation, issues, and priorities so that we may better represent your interests and get you the results you deserve.

If you or a loved one have been wounded by a dog’s bite or assault, please contact our law office for a free consultation to discuss your options and how dog bite injury attorneys in Nutley, NJ, may be able to help you pursue justice and compensation.

After Suffering Injuries Due To an Animal Attack, How Can Nutley Dog Bite Lawyers at Epstein Law Firm, P.A. Help You Pursue a Claim For Financial Recovery?

You may rely on Nutley personal injury lawyers from our office for guidance through every step of filing a claim to seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other losses you sustained as a result of a dog attack, including:

  • Finding the proof you need to establish your right to compensation and the full extent of your losses can be a time-consuming and difficult process.
  • Tracking down the dog’s owner and any potential compensation sources, including house or renter’s insurance, is essential.
  • Filing claims with insurance and pursuing vigorously in order to secure a settlement that provides you full compensation.
  • If legal action is required to secure the compensation to which you are entitled, we will file suit on your behalf and vigorously represent your interests at trial.

Laws Regarding Dog Bites in Essex County

The owner of a dog that causes harm and bites someone is held strictly liable under New Jersey law. If a dog attacks someone in a public area or on private property where the victim was legally present, the owner is responsible for the victim’s medical bills and other damages, regardless of whether the owner was negligent. In New Jersey, it is not necessary to show that a dog owner was aware of their dog’s vicious or aggressive tendencies (such as when the dog had previously bit or attacked another person or animal).

However, there are exceptions to the dog owner’s culpability for dog bite injuries, such as where the dog was provoked into biting or attacking, or when the bite occurred on the dog owner’s property despite the presence of a “beware of dog” or similar sign. However, under New Jersey law, anybody found responsible for harm caused by a dog bite where the victim was a kid who was unattended faces unlimited, criminally prosecutable culpability.

Unless the dog is on a leash or contained in an enclosed space, it is against the law in Essex County for the dog to be off the owner’s property (except that dogs may be off-leash in dog parks or public beaches that allow dogs). In addition, all dogs over the age of six months are required to have their rabies shots or license tags attached to their collar or harness at all times.

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About Nutley, New Jersey

Nutley, New Jersey, is a township in the United States. The population was 28,434 in 2020, per the United States Census. On February 18, 1874, a legislative act in New Jersey designated a portion of Belleville Township as Franklin Township, which is where Nutley is now located. Previously known as Franklin Township, Nutley gained town status on March 5, 1902. Over a dozen of Essex County’s original municipalities became townships so they could take advantage of federal revenue-sharing legislation that allocated a greater proportion of government aid to townships than to municipalities on a per-capita basis. By 1981, four additional municipalities in Essex County had followed the town’s lead and switched to township status.  

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Bites in New Jersey

Will my insurance cover my dog bite injury?

What is the average cost of a lawsuit for damages caused by a dog bite?

As a contingency fee law practice, The Epstein Law Firm, P.A. handles dog bite victims. Thus, you can retain our services for your dog bite case without having to worry about a monetary outlay on your part. Instead, we only get paid if we are successful in getting you a settlement or judgment in your favor.

Should I get a lawyer if I get bit by a dog?

When you need help after being attacked by a dog, a dog bite attorney is a valuable asset. If a member of your immediate family, close friend, or next-door neighbor owns the dog that bit you, hiring a lawyer can be especially helpful. Hiring an attorney will relieve you of the burden of collecting reimbursement from the dog’s owner or the owner’s or renter’s insurance company.


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