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New Jersey Catastrophic Injury Attorneys

A catastrophic injury is a life-changing event. An experienced lawyer can help you find the responsible party and hold them accountable for what has happened. The Epstein Law Firm has over 40 years of experience helping people with a wide range of disabling injuries, including:

Whether your brain trauma, spinal cord injury or other injury, or the death of a loved one was the result of a motor vehicle accident, a construction accident or a defective product, such as factory equipment, we, the lawyers at The Epstein Law Firm, P.A., have the experience and knowledge to help you.

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Throughout New Jersey, including Rochelle Park, Hackensack and Newark, we have built a reputation for aggressively defending the rights of clients with spinal cord or other injuries. From settlement negotiations, to trial, to appeals, we are prepared to stand by your side through every step of the process.

No two cases are alike. One spinal cord injury case is not the same as the next. There are a wide variety of factors that come into play in each case. Our personal injury attorneys have the knowledge of the law necessary to understand each of these factors and incorporate them into building a strong case on your behalf. We welcome the opportunity to explain how we can help you.