Qualified Premises Liability Attorneys Handle Numerous Shopping Center & Mall Accident Cases in Bergen County and Throughout New Jersey

A retail establishment is expected to maintain safe conditions for the public when it opens its doors for business. When a customer at a shopping center slips and falls on a wet or slippery floor resulting in a serious injury, the situation calls for a swift and thorough investigation.

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Determining Responsibility for Accidents and Injuries in Stores

Stores have a duty to fix dangerous conditions that they know might cause injury to shoppers. Property owners and managers who fail to maintain safe premises have liability for the damages resulting from their negligence.

  • Did objects on the floor cause you to fall and hurt yourself in a strip mall?
  • Did ice build-up in a parking area cause you to slip and fall?
  • Did falling merchandise or boxes cause an injury as a result of careless maintenance of inventory?

Such questions will begin the investigation into your slip and fall accident. Equally important will be an evaluation of your injuries and their costs and consequences. What will the long-term effect be of a torn ligament or herniated disc?

We frequently handle mall accident cases caused by the following:

  • Negligent security or a lack of security in stores, restrooms, mall corridors, parking ramps and lots which fail to prevent foreseeable assaults, rapes, muggings and other criminal activity resulting in injury
  • Dangerous elevators or escalators, including injuries caused by gaps in escalators, feet or hands getting stuck in escalators, defective elevators and other hazards caused by lack of inspection or maintenance
  • Slippery floors, including falls caused by spilled liquids in food courts or store aisles, water on bathroom floors, and failure to properly clean and maintain carpeted and hard surface floors.
  • Ice and snow, including falls and injuries in poorly plowed parking lots or icy sidewalks

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