The Epstein Law Firm takes seriously our role as protectors of the rights of children who have been injured by dangerous and defective toys. When a client of our law firm is a child who has been seriously injured or harmed by a dangerous toy, we consider it our solemn duty to help obtain justice for that child.

Contact our law firm or at 201-231-7847 if your son or daughter was hurt through use of a dangerous toy such as the following:

playground equipment, jungle gym, trampoline, playset, water gun, doll, water toy or other toys

Was your child made ill through lead poisoning as a result of use of a dangerous toy from China or elsewhere? Did your little boy or girl suffer damage to eyes or ears while using a toy sword or firecrackers? Was the tragic fatal accident in your family the result of an unlabeled choking hazard? Did a cord strangle the child in your family? Was an electronic toy involved in an electrocution accident? Did your child suffer brain damage as a result of undisclosed poison that was part of a defective or dangerous toy sold without proper warnings?

Our litigation experience includes cases on behalf of children who suffered poisoning as a result of exposure to lead paint and other hazards.

In all products liability cases, including cases involving dangerous toys, we have the knowledge and resources necessary to collaborate with the right experts who can help us analyze a case and determine whether causation and liability lie with the manufacturer, marketer or vendor of a dangerous toy. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation with a products liability lawyer.