Commercial drivers are routinely exposed to a number of factors that can contribute to serious accidents and injuries. If a commercial driver suffers an injury while on the job, workers’ compensation benefits can provide the necessary relief when dealing with medical expenses, lost income, and other financial challenges related to the work accident. Our New Jersey Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Our Hackensack workers’ comp lawyers have the experience and resources necessary to help injured commercial drivers obtain the workers’ compensation benefits they need. Additionally, because our practice focuses on workers’ compensation and personal injury, we have the knowledge and skill to evaluate an accident and determine if additional sources of compensation may be available in a third-party liability claim, such as a claim against the manufacturer of a defective truck part that contributed to a commercial truck accident.

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Commercial Driver Accidents in New Jersey

Our Commercial truck accident attorneys represent injured FedEx drivers, UPS drivers, and other commercial drivers who are injured in work-related accidents, including:

  • Commercial truck accidents involving injured truckers, FedEx drivers, UPS drivers, or other commercial drivers
  • Work-related car accidents involving workers injured while driving for job-related duties (such as an employee who is injured in a car accident on the way to meet a client)
  • Commercial driver slips and falls involving FedEx, UPS, or other delivery drivers who slip and fall on defective sidewalks, slippery building entrances, or wet or slick surfaces when making a delivery
  • Commercial driver trips and falls involving FedEx, UPS, or other commercial drivers who trip on vehicle steps, defective steps at a residence, or other property defects when making a delivery

New Jersey Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers

New Jersey workers’ compensation laws require employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance to cover employees who are injured in the workplace. Therefore, whether you are injured in a work-related car or truck accident or a work-related slip and fall accident, you have the right to benefits for medical expenses and income loss, and compensation for the injury. Our experienced lawyers at The Epstein Law Firm can help you enforce your rights so that you can focus on your recovery — rather than dealing with difficult workers’ compensation insurance issues.

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