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Did you slip and fall in another person’s home?

Slip-and-fall accidents can happen anywhere, but when they occur in a private home, things can get complicated for both the victim and the homeowner. This might occur at a birthday party where children run and play in a sprinkler in the yard, or maybe a cocktail party with several friends over a long weekend.

If you or someone you love suffers a serious slip-and-fall injury while in someone else's home, you must consider your next steps carefully. Taking this matter casually could mean losing fair compensation for your injuries and losses, and may also sever your relationship to the homeowner.

Dissolving a business partnership fairly

Sooner or later, many good ideas come to an end, or well-intended bad ideas run their course. This is simply the natural order of things, which we can observe in the natural world all around us.

However, when a business partnership ends, it is important to properly dissolve it in the legal sense, to avoid unnecessary complications. For many partners, dissolving a business is similar to a divorce, because it is legally simple to get into both marriages and partnerships, and much more complicated to get out of them.

Birth defects may result from prescription drugs

When a mother chooses to use prescription drugs at the direction of a doctor during her pregnancy, she places an enormous amount of trust in a number of parties. Not only must she trust the doctor who prescribed the medication, but she also must trust the pharmaceutical company that produces the drug and the pharmacist who fills the prescription.

At each point in this process, many things may go wrong or get overlooked. Both the mother and the child may suffer serious unintended effects, sometimes causing long-term harm. Prescription drug errors are one of the leading causes of birth defects and injuries, making it important for any pregnant mother to carefully consider the potential complications any time she takes prescription drugs throughout her pregnancy.

Truck accident victims must look at the drivers' log

The devastation that a commercial truck accident can cause is difficult to comprehend until it happens to you or someone you know. For many drivers, large trucks are now so common on our streets and highways that it is easy to get used to their presence and even get a bit too comfortable with them.

While there is no need to drive in constant fear of a truck accident, it is wise to remain alert and aware of these dangers whenever a large truck shares the road with you. Of course, if you're reading this, then you probably already understand just how important it is to remain alert around commercial trucks.

Spinal injuries can derail your entire life

Suffering an injury to you spine, even a relatively small injury, can mean that you face a long road of recovery ahead of you. The complex systems that interact in the spine control nearly every part of your body, meaning an injury to your spine may affect every aspect of your life, drastically impacting what you can do for work and possibly causing immense pain and discomfort.

Of course, if you have a severe spinal injury, then you probably already know. If a spinal injury occurs that is sufficiently severe, the victim may not retain any control over much of his or her body, because spinal injuries often lead to partial or complete paralysis. However, a victim who receive a moderate injury may simply push through the pain until the injury worsens and causes some very real and potentially permanent pain and loss of function.

Can I sue my doctor for failing to diagnose my cancer?

When cancer strikes, one of the most valuable tools that a victim has to fight back against it is time. The longer that cancer remains undiagnosed and untreated, the longer that the disease has to spread throughout the body. This can lower victims' chances of survival and increase the necessity for stronger and more invasive treatments. Some of the harsher treatments like chemotherapy and radiation have painful and destructive side-effects that can significantly lower the quality of life for cancer patients..

If you or someone you love faces a cancer diagnosis, it's a difficult battle that requires commitment and courage. It can be overwhelming and defeating to learn that your doctor -- whom you trust to act in your best interests -- failed to diagnose the cancer at an early stage.

Who is responsible for birth injuries?

When your child suffers injuries as a part of the birth process, you may have grounds to file an injury or medical malpractice claim. Of course, this depends on the circumstances that lead to the injuries. While parents aren't always able to avoid all birth defects or injuries, it is very possible that your baby's injury was avoidable and only occurred because of the negligence of some other party.

However, it is not always simple to determine who bears responsibility when the unthinkable happens and your infant suffers harm. To determine who is liable, it is first necessary to determine how the injury occurred. In some cases, an infant may be unavoidably injured while passing through the birth canal. It is not always feasible to mount medical malpractice claims after birth injuries occur.

Don't ignore abdominal pain after a car accident

After a car accident, it is always advisable to seek out a full medical examination from a doctor as soon as you can, even if the accident did not seem that serious. Car accidents are almost always more violent than we realize, and may leave you with injuries you do not feel at first, some of which are quite dangerous. Without receiving professional medical care soon after an accident, you may suffer great pain or may even die from a serious enough injury.

While not all delayed pain injuries are potentially deadly, those that cause pain in your abdomen may be. If you experience even a minor car accident and feel pain in your abdomen afterwards, you should stop what you are doing immediately and seek out emergency care.

When to include a hospital in your medical malpractice suit

After suffering injuries from medical malpractice, it is not always easy to determine who is liable for the harm and on the hook for compensating you fairly. In many cases, this may include the hospital where the injury occurred -- but not always. Before you assume you can include the hospital in your claim, it is wise to carefully examine the relationship of the hospital to the doctor or other medical care provider that caused your injury. You'll also want to look into other ways that the hospital may hold liability due to negligence or other egregious actions.

Building a strong claim takes time, but you only have a limited amount of time to file your claim before the window to do so closes. If you have any grounds for a medical malpractice suit, you should examine the hospital's roll in the injury very carefully. Without taking special care to build your claim effectively, you may not receive the full compensation that you deserve, or may overlook vital protections to your rights throughout the process.

Do breast cancer testing guidelines hurt minorities?

A new report shows that breast cancer screening guidelines that doctors use to determine which women they should screen for cancer were created based on data from only white females. This bias might unintentionally create the delayed diagnosis of breast cancer in many minorities.

There are genetic and racial differences among patients that make some patients more susceptible to breast cancer than others. As such, the science used to create clinical guidelines must reflect these differences to provide the best kind of care for all patients. | End distracted driving | Speaker - North American High Schools Education Program. Avvo Rating 10.0 Superb | Top Attorney Personal Injury Avvo Rating 10.0 Superb | Top Attorney Lawsuits & Disputes Super lawyer Ten Leaders Million Dollar Advocates Forum New Jersey Supreme Court | Certified Attorney This Attorney is Lead Counsel Rated. Click here for more Information.
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