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Why is Driving on New Year’s Eve So Dangerous?

New Year’s Eve ranks as one of the most dangerous holidays to be on the road, beat out only by the Fourth of July. If you plan on driving on New Year’s Eve or the early hours of New Year’s Day, you should familiarize yourself with the risks you may face and steps you can take to keep yourself safe.…

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Common Causes of Motor Vehicle Accidents During the Holiday Season

The holiday season presents unique challenges for motorists on the road; these challenges can increase the risk of a collision. Below are some of the most common causes of car accidents around the holidays. Read more: Can I Sue The Driver Who Hit Me If They Were Texting While Driving? Impaired Driving One of the leading causes of car accidents…

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Lawyers Required to Explain Arbitration Provisions in Retainer Agreements, New Jersey Supreme Court Rules

Michael J. Epstein of the Epstein Law Firm, P.A. recently argued on behalf of the New Jersey Association for Justice in a case before the New Jersey Supreme Court concerning the use of arbitration clauses in retainer agreements between attorneys and law firms and their prospective clients. Read more: Amicus Curiae New Jersey Association For Justice Represented By Michael J.…

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Warning Signs of Abuse You Should Look Out for on Your Next Visit to Your Loved One’s Nursing Home

Many of us take the holidays to spend extra time with our loved ones who live in nursing homes, including sometimes bringing our loved ones to visit with us at home for a few days over the holidays. Although the holiday season is often a hectic time and you may be excited for spending quality time with your loved one,…

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How Do I File a Claim for a Shopping Mall Accident?

New Jersey is home to some of the country’s largest shopping malls. Not only do many of these malls have hundreds of stores and restaurants, but some even have movie theaters and amusement parks. These malls typically attract millions of visitors every year, especially during the holiday season. But with the heavy visitor traffic also comes increased risk of shopping…

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Can Social Media Hurt My Personal Injury Claim?

In recent years, insurance companies and defense attorneys have turned to reviewing injured plaintiffs’ social media accounts for evidence they can use to defend against a personal injury claim. Although most people don’t post anything that might be useful to the opposing party in a personal injury case, there have been plenty of cases in the past where injured plaintiff’s…

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Teenagers’ Rights After a Workplace Accident

Many teens across New Jersey decide to take part-time jobs for a variety of reasons, including earning money for a purchase (such as a car), saving up for college, or to help supplement their family’s income. However, teenage workers are just as likely as any other employee to suffer an injury in a workplace accident.  Teenage Worker Statistics According to…

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How Does an OSHA Violation Affect a Workers’ Compensation Claim in New Jersey?

An employee who is injured at work will typically file a workers’ compensation claim to recover benefits such as coverage for medical treatment expenses and partial wage replacement for missed time from work. Although an employee does not need to show that his or her injury was caused by the employer’s negligence or legal fault, such as committing an OSHA…

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Can I Still File a Claim if I Was Looking at My Phone When I Was Hit?

Pedestrians who cross the street while distracted can be held partially or fully liable for their accident when their failure to pay appropriate attention while crossing contributes to or causes their accident. This is typically because the pedestrian crosses against a red light or no-walk sign or steps out in front of oncoming traffic too close to safely stop.  Distracted…

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Can Temporary Workers Get Workers’ Compensation?

Many people in New Jersey engage in temporary work (work that is expected to last for a period of a few weeks to a few months) at some point in their employment history or as their primary sources of employment. Some workers take on temporary or seasonal year-round, or to provide extra income during certain times of the year, such…

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