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Do breast cancer testing guidelines hurt minorities?

A new report shows that breast cancer screening guidelines that doctors use to determine which women they should screen for cancer were created based on data from only white females. This bias might unintentionally create the delayed diagnosis of breast cancer in many minorities.

There are genetic and racial differences among patients that make some patients more susceptible to breast cancer than others. As such, the science used to create clinical guidelines must reflect these differences to provide the best kind of care for all patients.

Carefully consider who is liable in a truck accident

Experiencing a car accident involving a commercial truck can be an overwhelming experience, even when you are fortunate enough to survive without permanent or fatal injuries. While all car accidents present some potential complications to resolving an injury claim, truck accidents can prove more complicated than most.

In many cases, it is wise to begin building your claim at the scene of the accident itself, especially considering that much of the most valuable evidence you might use in your claim may soon get cleared away by the clean-up crew who comes to deal with the aftermath.

Cerebral palsy may be caused by a doctor’s negligence

Raising a child with cerebral palsy is a difficult journey for any parent, above and beyond what all parents face. Dealing with the issues of cerebral palsy can feel overwhelming to many parents, especially in the early months and years of the child's life.

If your child developed cerebral palsy at some point during your pregnancy, or possibly during the birth process itself, you may have grounds to pursue a medical malpractice claim. Such a claim allows parents to seek fair compensation to cover medical costs associated with cerebral palsy, as well as the ongoing needs of the child. An experienced medical malpractice attorney can help you examine the circumstances that led to your child's condition and create a strong strategy to seek a fair resolution that puts your child's needs first.

The safest way to fall

When you were a kid, you fell down all the time. It was no big deal. However, unless you've made a career as an Olympic athlete or a stunt double, you probably haven't had too much experience falling lately-and you're likely out of practice.

As a result, when you fall as an adult, you often do all of the wrong things-and you end up causing yourself more harm than necessary. Because you can't control every aspect of your environment, you're bound to slip or trip sooner or later. If you find yourself hurtling towards the ground, think fast and remember these tips to reduce your chance of injury:

Was your business contract breached?

When you agree to a contract, you expect the other party to hold up their end of the agreement and abide by the terms. This is a reasonable expectation, but as long as people have created contracts, they have also found ways to breach them, putting both parties in a difficult position.

If you believe that some other party breached a contract you agreed to, you need to assess the damages of that breach and the means you have available to enforce the contract or reach some alternative resolution. Depending on the nature of the dispute, this might be a simple matter, or may prove to be a protracted nightmare.

Make a plan for coping with a loved one's death

Losing a loved one suddenly is an extremely harrowing experience. If you are still reeling from a tragic death that was caused by an accident, there are a few things that you need to think about. Each of these is important enough on its own, but putting them together can help you to move forward with your life after such a derailing blow.

From dealing with the initial shock through deciding if a wrongful death lawsuit is something to pursue, you need to create a plan.

Watch for these common dangers on construction sites

It seems like every day there is another story in the news about an accident at a New Jersey construction site. In general, construction sites are dangerous for everyone, not just the men and women who work in the industry. For example, how many times have you walked through the city and found yourself surrounded by scaffolding due to the construction or renovations of a building? You have probably found yourself in this situation several time and, during those times, you may have been worried about something falling from the scaffolding. Furthermore, you may have even had a few close calls.

Falling objects are not the only dangers on and around construction sites. The following construction site hazards are some that construction workers and others face every day.

Did a doctor misdiagnose your breast cancer?

Breast cancer is a shockingly common ailment that affects an enormous portion of women throughout the country, in all walks of life. While breast cancer does develop in some men, it does so in fewer instances. Still, every single case of breast cancer is its own battle, and overcoming this disease is often far more difficult without the careful guidance of an experienced doctor, beginning with diagnosis.

Unfortunately, in far too many cases, the doctor tasked with treating a patient may not recognize breast cancer (or other forms of cancer, for that matter) in a reasonable amount of time, and this delayed or misinformed diagnosis may carry serious complications for the patient. In some cases, the complications mean longer recovery, but in others these complications can mean losing the battle altogether.

Black ice on the streets could result in a serious car crash

If you drive regularly, you probably take steps to reduce the risk of a crash whenever you get behind the wheel. You could choose to avoid your cellphone when driving, stay off the roads when you're feeling tired or just practice great care when operating a vehicle. Sometimes, however, there's nothing you can do to prevent a crash. Sometimes that's because of another's drivers bad decisions, but other times, it could be due to inclement weather.

Most people realize that ice can pose a real threat to vehicle and pedestrians alike. However, fewer people understand that not all ice is readily visible on the road when you're driving. If you're looking for white drifts or focusing on other vehicle during the winter, you could totally overlook the massive threat of black ice.

Dog bite injuries in New Jersey

Suffering a dog bite is a visceral experience that can affect a person in many ways, both physical and emotional. However, depending on the state where people live, they may have fairly different legal options to pursue after a dog bite experience.

Here in New Jersey, dog bites are a serious matter. While it is never enjoyable to suffer a serious dog bite, New Jersey offers dog bite victims greater flexibility to pursue legal action after such an injury.

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