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Watch for these common dangers on construction sites

It seems like every day there is another story in the news about an accident at a New Jersey construction site. In general, construction sites are dangerous for everyone, not just the men and women who work in the industry. For example, how many times have you walked through the city and found yourself surrounded by scaffolding due to the construction or renovations of a building? You have probably found yourself in this situation several time and, during those times, you may have been worried about something falling from the scaffolding. Furthermore, you may have even had a few close calls.

Falling objects are not the only dangers on and around construction sites. The following construction site hazards are some that construction workers and others face every day.

Did a doctor misdiagnose your breast cancer?

Breast cancer is a shockingly common ailment that affects an enormous portion of women throughout the country, in all walks of life. While breast cancer does develop in some men, it does so in fewer instances. Still, every single case of breast cancer is its own battle, and overcoming this disease is often far more difficult without the careful guidance of an experienced doctor, beginning with diagnosis.

Unfortunately, in far too many cases, the doctor tasked with treating a patient may not recognize breast cancer (or other forms of cancer, for that matter) in a reasonable amount of time, and this delayed or misinformed diagnosis may carry serious complications for the patient. In some cases, the complications mean longer recovery, but in others these complications can mean losing the battle altogether.

Black ice on the streets could result in a serious car crash

If you drive regularly, you probably take steps to reduce the risk of a crash whenever you get behind the wheel. You could choose to avoid your cellphone when driving, stay off the roads when you're feeling tired or just practice great care when operating a vehicle. Sometimes, however, there's nothing you can do to prevent a crash. Sometimes that's because of another's drivers bad decisions, but other times, it could be due to inclement weather.

Most people realize that ice can pose a real threat to vehicle and pedestrians alike. However, fewer people understand that not all ice is readily visible on the road when you're driving. If you're looking for white drifts or focusing on other vehicle during the winter, you could totally overlook the massive threat of black ice.

Dog bite injuries in New Jersey

Suffering a dog bite is a visceral experience that can affect a person in many ways, both physical and emotional. However, depending on the state where people live, they may have fairly different legal options to pursue after a dog bite experience.

Here in New Jersey, dog bites are a serious matter. While it is never enjoyable to suffer a serious dog bite, New Jersey offers dog bite victims greater flexibility to pursue legal action after such an injury.

Pursuing a wrongful death suit requires patience

Wrongful death lawsuits are always a great burden and frustration for those who pursue them. It's baked into the premise of the situation — someone you care about died because of the actions or negligence of another person or organization. You now face the task of fighting for "fair compensation" for the loss of the one you love.

Unfortunately, even in the best outcomes, wrongful death suits can only do so much to remedy the heartache of losing someone before one's time. Still, it is the best available option for seeking justice in many of these circumstances.

Ice creates numerous hazards for pedestrians

Despite lingering warm weather, a quick glance at the calendar reminds us that we're now nearly half way through October of 2017 and winter weather is on the way to New Jersey shortly.

Fall and winter are, of course, a mixed bag. Halloween gives way to Thanksgiving, which gives way to Christmas and New Years, and many people both love and loathe holiday season. Wherever you fall in that spectrum, you will likely find yourself dealing with cold weather conditions one way or another.

Even a mild brain injury can ruin your life after a car accident

No one expects to have a car accident, even though most of us drive or ride inside vehicles each and every day. Unfortunately, car accidents happen all the time, often causing more harm than victims realize.

If people experience a car accident and strike their head, even if they do not remember this happening, they may suffer from some form of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Moderate and severe cases of TBI are frightening, but fairly simple to identify, because the symptoms are usually obvious. Moderate or severe TBIs often mean a victim is extremely disoriented or has trouble remaining conscious, or may even mean coma or death for the victim.

Before you sign that confidentiality or non-compete agreement...

You've made it through several rounds of interviews for the job you want, and now you've just received the call that the position is yours. Congratulations! However, before you accept the position, you'll probably be asked to sign a fairly complex employment agreement. It's no secret that many employment contracts are written heavily in favor of the employer, especially those prepared for entry and mid-level employees.

There are numerous aspects of an employment contract that may prove unfair to an employee, but for many workers it is more important to obtain a job than fight every term of a contract. While it is certainly important to wisely choose your battles as you enter a workplace, one aspect that many employees often overlook is the confidentiality or nondisclosure agreement in an employment contract.

Beware fine print when you buy tickets to an event

It's that magical time of year when temperatures begin to ease back down and large events take place that suit just bout everyone's tastes. Whether you're looking forward to a music festival featuring your favorite artists or that sweet spot of autumn baseball and football games, all will soon be in full swing. Enjoy many opportunities over the next few months to participate in activities you wait all year to do.

While they are one of the great features of living in the modern world, large events also pose very real dangers at times to the attendees. Music festivals commonly see people injured by unruly crowds or poorly assembled stage equipment. Large sports events intrinsically involve two groups of people who care passionately about their team's winning. Depending on how the game goes, either team's fans may become violent and destructive.

Can I end a partnership and keep the business?

It's a tale as old as time, or at least as old as modern business law. Individuals form a business partnership with great intentions, but somewhere along the way things get complicated and ultimately untenable for at least one partner.

Many partners see the end of the partnership as the de facto end of the business as well, but it doesn't have to be. With careful planning and perseverance, partnerships can fairly dissolve while the underlying business remains intact.

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