Patients have the right to expect that medical professionals can properly diagnose a condition based on the symptoms presented and that they will do so using proper techniques within a reasonable time. When an illness such as cancer goes undetected, or an event such as a heart attack is not diagnosed in time, the consequences for the patient can be severe. The Epstein Law Firm is home to some of the most experienced New Jersey delayed diagnosis of disease lawyers in New Jersey. We have been investigating and pursuing claims related to misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, and delayed diagnosis for decades. We seek the input of respected medical experts and others to build cases for full and fair compensation for our injured clients. We also handle wrongful death claims for families who lose loved ones due to errors in diagnoses.

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Our Experienced Team Of New Jersey Delayed Diagnosis of Disease Lawyers Has Extensive History In Handling a Broad Range of Diagnosis-Related Claims

Clients come to us in the most challenging of times. Some have diseases that have progressed to terminal stages because they were not diagnosed in time. Others have family members whose heart attacks or strokes went undiagnosed. We have handled situations where doctors ignored a patient’s complaints or failed to interpret lab results correctly. These are heartbreaking situations, and we do everything possible to hold medical professionals accountable.

We encourage you to contact us if you experienced a delay in diagnosis or treatment, or if you were given the wrong diagnosis. We have experience with delayed diagnosis and failure to diagnose cases involving:

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