Those who work in hospitals and lead hospital systems owe it to patients and to the public to operate safely. Equipment should be up-to-date and functioning properly; supplies should be available; and doctors, nurses and other staff should all serve patients using high levels of care. When hospital care standards are not met, patients’ lives are jeopardized. At The Epstein Law Firm, our New Jersey hospital errors lawyers have decades of experience handling hospital error and hospital negligence cases. We thoroughly understand all the applicable standards of care and the regulations governing hospitals in our state. Working with medical experts, we can determine if your injury was the result of a failure to adhere to those standards, and if so, we will pursue full and fair compensation for your injuries.

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Handling a Variety of Hospital Injury and Fatality Claims

Everyone within a hospital, from a surgeon to a secretary, at some point handles critical aspects of a patient’s life. Errors at any stage of the process can lead to serious consequences for the patient. Over the years, our law firm has handled malpractice and injury claims related to:

  • Medication errors/pharmacy errors
  • Equipment failures
  • Unsanitary conditions and infections
  • Lack of adequate staffing
  • Delayed treatment and other forms of emergency room negligence
  • Failure to follow proper protocols
  • Failure to have proper procedures in place to handle a given situation
  • Assaults within hospitals

Our New Jersey Hospital Errors Lawyers Expressly Acknowledge That Time Is a Factor

It is important to realize that a number of hospitals and other facilities are affiliated with the state of New Jersey and/or county and city governments. You should seek legal advice as soon as possible after your injury, because there are strict deadlines by which a case must be filed if the defendant is affiliated with a public entity. Do not take the risk of having your claim barred by the statute of limitations.

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