Experienced New Jersey Business Law Attorney Protects the Interests Of New Jersey Business Owners

For many business owners, the ability to operate a business and thrive financially has become an increasingly difficult task in today’s global marketplace. Competing locally, nationally, and internationally presents unforeseen challenges that many businesses are unequipped to address. A missed business opportunity or failure to properly handle a legal matter can send a business into a quick downward spiral. Let us help. Contact an experienced New Jersey business law attorney at The Epstein Law Firm, P.A. to protect your interests.

Our firm represents New Jersey business owners, skillfully handling legal matters and providing strategic counsel regarding promising business opportunities. Call today for a free consultation.

Top-Rated New Jersey Business Law Attorney Offers a Wide Range of Legal Services To New Jersey Businesses

The area of business law encompasses several different legal disciplines that may pertain to creating a new business, issues that arise in the operation of a business, and interactions with other companies, the public, and the government. Business law includes real estate law, tax law, intellectual property, employment law, sales, bankruptcy, and more. 

At The Epstein Law Firm, P.A., our top-rated New Jersey business law attorneys offer a wide range of services to New Jersey businesses, including the following:

  • Business Contract Disputes
    • General breach of contract claims
    • Real estate contract disputes
    • Intellectual property agreements (R&D and assignment agreements, licensing agreements)
    • Employment contracts (NDAs, non-compete agreements)
    • Claims of tortious interference 
    • Corporate governances contracts (shareholder and partnership agreements, LLC operating agreements, subscription agreements)
    • Transactional agreements (merger agreements, stock purchase agreements, purchase-and-sale agreements, asset purchase agreements)   
  • Commercial Contract Litigation
    • Employment agreements
    • Financial agreements
    • Commercial real estate agreements
    • Independent contractor agreements
    • Customer service agreements
    • Joint venture agreements
    • Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)
    • Non-compete agreements
    • Vendor/supplier agreements
    • Construction agreements
    • Insurance contracts
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) Disputes
    • Breach of LLC operating agreement
    • Violation of the New Jersey LLC Act 
    • Minority member oppression 
    • Breach of fiduciary duties of loyalty and care
    • Transfers of membership interests
    • Buyouts of membership interests
    • Partition and dissolution of the company
  • Shareholder And Partnership Disputes
    • Shareholder inspection of books and records
    • Claims of minority shareholder oppression
    • Breach of partnership agreements
    • Breach of fiduciary duties of loyalty
    • Actions for partition and dissolution of the company

If you are a New Jersey business owner with questions about the laws governing your business, legal hiring practices, forming a limited liability company (LLC), a dispute among shareholders, a commercial contract agreement, or another business issue, speak with an experienced New Jersey business law attorney at The Epstein Law Firm, P.A.

Skilled New Jersey Business Law Attorney Provides Strategic Counsel To New Jersey Businesses In Support Of Business Objectives and Profits

Starting your own business is considered the “American Dream”. In every walk of life, there is a budding entrepreneur trying to turn a side hobby into a lucrative business venture. And, as many business owners know, this path is a bumpy, uphill trek that is not for the weary. The decision to “go out on your own” and be your own boss is enticing and can be extremely rewarding. But it can also be very challenging to try and tackle all the hurdles by yourself while trying to run and grow a business.

At The Epstein Law Firm, P.A., we understand. Our skilled New Jersey business law attorneys have extensive experience handling every kind of legal business matter, from helping you create your own company to evaluating the tax implications of an acquisition, to addressing legal patent filings and resolving disputes. A New Jersey business law attorney from our firm is available to answer your questions concerning your New Jersey business; schedule a consultation with The Epstein Law Firm, P.A. today.

The Epstein Law Firm, P.A. Located Near Hackensack, New Jersey

The lawyers of The Epstein Law Firm, P.A. have an office located right outside of Hackensack, NJ located at 340 West Passaic Street, Rochelle Park, NJ 07662. Hackensack, New Jersey is a city located in Bergen County, and Hackensack also serves as the county seat. Support for local businesses can be found within the Hackensack Main Street Business Alliance (MSBA), a public-private partnership between the business community and the City of Hackensack. MSBA’s mission is to address issues that the business community is facing, with the goal of improving both the business climate in Hackensack and the overall local economy. Currently, there are 153 commercial properties and over 375 businesses within the Hackensack Main Street Business Alliance district.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Law In New Jersey

If I’m in a business dipute, what should I do?

What do I need to do to form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in New Jersey?

If you are interested in forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in New Jersey, the first step to take is to file a Certificate of Formation with the New Jersey Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services. This filing must be accompanied by a fee payment. You will need to create an LLC operating agreement that lays out the rights and responsibilities of the owners of the LLC, as well as the role of any managers of the LLC. This operating agreement also defines how the LLC will operate, and outlines the business arrangement between the owner(s) where applicable. Once the Certificate of Formation filing is approved and you have generated an operating agreement for your LLC, the next step is to obtain the licenses and permits required to operate a business in New Jersey. These may include a federal employer identification number (EIN), a tax registration certificate, a zoning permit, a seller’s permit, or other documents depending upon the nature of your business.

What kind of insurance do I need to have as a New Jersey business?

All small businesses should have certain types of insurance, such as general liability insurance, fire insurance, and different insurance policies covering automobiles. Employers — except single-member LLCs with no employees and sole proprietorships — are required to provide workers’ compensation and employer liability. In New Jersey, employers are not required by law to provide health insurance. If you have additional questions regarding the specific insurance policies you should have for your New Jersey business, it is best to consult with an experienced business attorney.

If I’m in a business dispute, what should I do?

If there’s a significant dispute that’s going to require extensive, complex litigation it will be very expensive. So you’re in what we call a ‘Zero-Sum Game’ where you’re going to pay a lot of money to litigate the case. And therefore you have to take an approach at the beginning of the case as a lawyer: Can or should this case be resolved? And can or should we facilitate an early resolution so that the clients are either receiving money or paying money in an efficient way where they’re not just losing money in litigation that they can’t ultimately get back.


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