Ridesharing services like Uber have made transportation more convenient for us all—even lowering the cost of getting from Point A to Point B in many cases.  When an accident involving an Uber occurs, however, all simplicity ends. In some cases, accident victims may even have a harder time recovering fair compensation when facing off against insurance companies and defense attorneys funded by Uber itself. Our knowledgeable team of New Jersey Uber accident lawyers at The Epstein Law Firm, P.A., have a reputation for not backing down. With over 120 years of combined experience, we have the legal knowledge and practical courtroom experience needed to help you navigate the entire process of recovering fair compensation.

When you’re hurt in an Uber accident, our lawyers can help you answer the important questions you may have.  You may be wondering:

  • Who will pay your medical expenses?
  • Will your own car insurance cover your expenses if you were an Uber passenger?
  • What are the Uber insurance laws?
  • Can Uber drivers get medical coverage or workers’ compensation if injured in an accident?

The most important thing you can do after an Uber accident is to remain calm and focus on your health. Our New Jersey Uber accident lawyers can take care of handling your insurance claim and negotiating to get you a fair settlement. To learn more about how you can get the personal attention of a small law firm with the results offered by big law firms, call our office today for a free case review.

Uber Accident Liability vs. Traditional Taxi Accident Liability 

For accident victims, getting fair compensation after an Uber accident is a much different process than the historical way that taxi accident victims have been compensated.  For taxis and other car services, the employer—the company that owns the vehicles—can be held responsible for the actions of drivers. Uber, however, treats drivers as independent contractors. 

That means that Uber itself could not be held responsible for accidents caused by Uber drivers.

New Jersey insurance law has now changed this so that Uber itself is required to maintain a commercial insurance policy to protect accident victims.  Under the new rules:

  • Uber itself must maintain an insurance policy that provides up to $1.5 million in coverage for bodily injury, property damage and death when the Uber driver is carrying a passenger or the driver has accepted a ride and is on the way to pick the passenger up.
  • Uber must maintain an insurance policy that applies when the driver has the app on and is looking for a passenger, but has yet to accept a ride.  That coverage must provide (1) $50,000 in bodily injury or death coverage per person, (2) $100,000 in bodily injury or death coverage per accident, and (3) $25,000 for property damage.  This coverage applies if the driver’s personal insurance carrier does not provide coverage because the driver is engaging in commercial activities.
  • Uber drivers must maintain their personal insurance policies under New Jersey’s no-fault insurance law.  However, many of these policies deny coverage for vehicles used for commercial purposes. An Uber driver’s personal insurance policy will usually only apply if the driver was not using the Uber app at the time of the accident.

Because an Uber driver’s personal car insurance policy usually will not cover Uber accidents, our team of experienced Uber injury attorneys in Rochelle Park, NJ lawyers will work to win fair compensation under the commercial policy Uber must now provide.

Results-Oriented Injury Lawyers Go the Extra Mile for Clients Injured in Uber Accidents

At The Epstein Law Firm, P.A., our Uber injury attorneys in Rochelle Park, NJ are dedicated to helping Uber accident victims through the legal process of recovering fair compensation.  Negotiating with the insurance company can be overwhelming under any circumstances. Negotiating with a large commercial carrier can make you want to give up before you even begin. 

Our New Jersey Uber accident lawyers have helped hundreds of clients in similar situations recover fair compensation.  We understand the legal process and know what it takes to present a winning case for compensation.  Our lawyers will fight to get fair compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Physical therapy
  • Rehabilitative care and in-home care
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • And more

Our lawyers work tirelessly to research and investigate your case to get the best possible results for you.  We are known for going the extra mile for our clients. For us, that means:

  • Working to identify all available insurance sources for compensation
  • Working with specialists and experts to make sure the insurance claim we make fairly accounts for all foreseeable costs associated with your injuries
  • Making sure you understand what is happening with your case and the potential consequences of taking any course of action
  • Getting to know you so that we can understand how you would prefer to resolve the case, as well as how your injuries have impacted your life

Call Today to Speak with Our Knowledgeable Uber Accident Lawyers

At The Epstein Law Firm, P.A., our Uber injury attorneys in Rochelle Park, NJ take pride in our reputation for exceptional legal guidance.  We are always available to review your case for free, and you take on no obligation by speaking with our lawyers.  To schedule your free case review with an experienced Bergen County Uber accident lawyer, call our office or fill out our online contact form. 

New Jersey Uber Accident Lawyers Answer Frequently Asked Questions About Uber Accident Claims

Do I need an attorney if I was injured in a ride share accident?

I was injured while driving for Uber. Do I have any options for recovering compensation besides my own insurance policy?

Yes, if you were carrying a passenger. were assigned a passenger, or had the app on. In the usual situation, New Jersey no-fault insurance law first requires you to seek coverage from your own insurance. However, the New Jersey insurance law provides a unique rule for Uber drivers carrying a passenger. The Uber insurance policy must provide medical coverage for the injured driver. You may be entitled to make a claim against that policy without first making a claim with your own insurance company (note that the same does not apply if you were simply looking for a passenger at the time of the accident).

What if I was injured in an Uber accident but don’t think I can afford to get into a fight with Uber to win compensation?

First of all, most of our injury cases settle out of court because we are committed to building the strongest case possible before we even make our initial claim. Even if the insurance company refuses to negotiate reasonably, our lawyers work on a contingency basis. That means you only have to pay our attorneys’ fees if we win compensation for you. To learn more about our fee structure, call us today.

Do I need an attorney if I was injured in an Uber accident?

When clients hire our firm for injuries they sustained in an accident with a rideshare drive they should know that we understand the different levels of insurance, and we’re going to find that out very early on to determine where that driver was in terms of using their rideshare application (or app). Once we know that, we know what the personal injury protection (PIP) benefits are going to be, and we also know what the liability insurance is going to be. And for those who don’t know, personal injury protection (PIP) benefits are basically medical or health insurance through the rideshare company’s insurance for your medical benefits.