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Hackensack Contract Dispute Attorneys

New Jersey Employment Contract Disputes Lawyers

A large percentage of business litigation involves disputes over contracts. In more than 100 combined years of experience, the six attorneys of The Epstein Law Firm have successfully handled countless contract disputes. Our lawyers serve businesses and individuals throughout northeastern New Jersey, including Hackensack, Lodi, Wayne, Paterson, Newark, Elizabeth, Morristown, and more.

We have experience in a wide range of breach of contract disputes, including:

In all services we provide to businesses, our attorneys search for the most cost-effective course of action. If taking a case to court is the best option, our experienced trial attorneys will not hesitate to do so. However, for many contract disputes, our lawyers find that out-of-court settlements provide the client a less expensive and more discreet resolution than taking a case to trial.

Another option available to our contract dispute lawyers is alternative dispute resolution (ADR). A confidential and relatively inexpensive resolution can often be reached through the ADR techniques of arbitration, mediation, neutral evaluation, and other methods.

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