In the injury claims process, insurance companies have always held a big advantage over their insured policyholders. Insurance carriers, armed with a battery of legal and forensic experts and extensive resources used to investigate and handle claims, have often projected a “David and Goliath” image when dealing with an insured challenging the settlement of his or her claim. Typically, injured clients and families do not understand the claim process until an injury or death occurs. Without advance knowledge of the insurance policy, coverage, exclusions, and interpretations, injured individuals and families feel helpless when presented with the insurance company’s interpretation of the policy terms and settlement offer. Oftentimes, injured individuals and families recover far less than what the policy provides. Our New Jersey Insurance Law Attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve.

The Epstein Law Firm knows the games that insurance companies play, and is well-versed in the interpretation of insurance policy language as well as the litigation of insurance claims.

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