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A bicycle accident often results in serious injuries such as a traumatic brain injury (TBI), fractures, facial lesions or neck injuries. While the first concern is of course for the medical well-being of the victim, the question arises as to what sources of compensation will cover medical bills and lost wages.

Often, bicycle accidents occur in intersections, in collisions with cars, trucks or motorcycles, or even because of the sudden opening of car doors. A child on a bicycle, scooter or skateboard may be overlooked because of careless driving on the part of a negligent motorist. While representatives of whoever hit the child in the crosswalk may claim that part of the responsibility lies with the child, New Jersey law does not. In our state, comparative negligence principles do not apply to children under age 7. People who use roadways are expected to exercise their duty of care — and that includes a responsibility to watch out for skateboarders and bicyclists.

When another motorist, bicyclist, pedestrian or other person or entity has liability for losses caused by a bicycle accident in New Jersey, The Epstein Law Firm is a logical choice for representation. Our experience, our reputation and our record of success are all good reasons to contact us.

Sometimes it is possible to resolve compensation issues in a bike crash through negotiations with insurance carriers. Often, however, it is necessary to bring a lawsuit against a responsible person or entity such as a government body or a commercial establishment. Our experienced trial attorneys in Rochelle Park are prepared to take a case as far as it needs to go to achieve justice and restore hope for an injured bike rider.