Rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft have grown by leaps and bounds in popularity in recent years. A digitally savvy young generation has embraced the ease, convenience and cost-saving benefits of getting a ride with the touch of a button on a cellphone. Contact our New Jersey rideshare accident lawyers today at (201) 231-7847. Get a free consultation with our experienced New Jersey rideshare accident lawyers in Rochelle Park, NJ at The Epstein Law Firm, P.A. today.

Uber and Lyft drivers are ordinary people who use their private cars to give rides through these rideshare services. They are not employees, but rather, private contractors, and their vehicles are not commercial ones. These are the primary differences that set rideshare services apart from traditional taxi companies.

When a ride goes well, all seems fine but when there is an accident, complications sometimes arise. Getting compensation for an injured person can be more complicated than in other types of car and truck accidents.

Our Team of New Jersey Rideshare Accident Lawyers Fight For Those Who Were Riders, Rideshare Drivers, Or Occupant Of Another Car Involved In An Accident.

The factors described above can make it difficult to determine whose insurance applies after you have suffered a serious injury in a crash while getting a ride through one of these services. At a time when you are focused on recovering, and need reassurance bills will be paid, the obstacles in your way can become burdensome and stressful. An experienced personal injury attorney on your side can be your most valuable ally.

Or you may be an Uber or Lyft driver — and you may encounter difficulties from your own insurance company — or another driver’s insurance company. Private auto insurers may try to pin the blame on the Uber or Lyft company — and vice versus. Getting the funds you need can take time when you try to make a claim as insurers shift the blame.

You may have been driving or riding in another car that collided with an Uber or Lyft vehicle whose driver caused the accident. Your legal situation may also involve obstacles to getting your medical bills paid and acknowledging your pain and suffering.

Whatever your position in the accident, you will likely need financial relief to cover medical bills, lost income replacement, therapy, and pain and suffering. Our accomplished personal injury lawyers are prepared to do the heavy lifting. We will investigate the causes of the accident, determine liability, push through the walls of insurance company runarounds and work to ensure you receive all compensation you are eligible for, from all sources.

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Recovering the compensation you need may be an uphill battle. It is a job for a knowledgeable personal injury attorney. The Epstein Law Firm, P.A. in Rochelle Park has skillful motor vehicle accident lawyers who are ready to tackle any complexities of your case. We welcome your inquiry. Schedule a free initial consultation to get a preliminary case analysis with no further obligation. Call 201-231-7847 or send an email message through this website.


Frequently Asked Questions About Rideshare Accident Claims

Do I need an attorney if I was injured in a ride share accident?

Do I need an attorney if I was injured in a rideshare accident?

When clients hire our firm for injuries they sustained in an accident with a rideshare drive they should know that we understand the different levels of insurance, and we’re going to find that out very early on to determine where that driver was in terms of using their rideshare application (or app). Once we know that, we know what the personal injury protection (PIP) benefits are going to be, and we also know what the liability insurance is going to be. And for those who don’t know, personal injury protection (PIP) benefits are basically medical or health insurance through the rideshare company’s insurance for your medical benefits.