Manufacturers, marketers and vendors of products intended for public consumption have a duty to protect consumers from unnecessary risk. If you or a family member has been injured, or if you have lost a family member in a fatal accident involving a dangerous or defective product, contact us to schedule a free initial consultation with a New Jersey Defective Products Lawyer.

The Epstein Law Firm represents individuals who have been harmed through the use of dangerous and defective products such as the following:

toys, swimming pools, car seats, cribs, playpens, strollers, helmets, ladders, air conditioners, fans, appliances, equipment, snow blowers, lawn mowers, weed whackers, welding rods, punch presses, beer and soda bottles, medical devices, defibrillators, pacemakers, auto defects, seat belts, airbags, brakes, SUV rollover, ATVs, recreational vehicles and dangerous drugs, as well as all types of products with defective safeguards.

Our New Jersey defective products lawyer advocates on behalf of our clients whose lives have been disrupted because of a manufacturing defect or design defect, a manufacturer’s failure to warn, or an inadequate warning regarding risks to the safety and health of users of products sold to the public.

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When The Epstein Law Firm takes a products liability case involving a dangerous or defective product, our goal is to move forward with it efficiently and effectively. We understand how important your case is to you and your family and we are prepared to treat it with the urgency it is due. Contact our offices via email or at 201-231-7847 to schedule a free initial consultation.