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Rear-end collisions happen every day, and fortunately, they are often minor fender-benders. Sadly, about 1,700 people die in more serious rear-end crashes each year. When a large truck is involved in one of these incidents, the odds of severe consequences are much higher than in collisions with passenger vehicles. If you or your family suffered injuries in a rear-end crash with a large truck, reach out to one of our experienced New Jersey rear-end truck accident lawyers to discuss your case. 

The dedicated lawyers at Epstein Law Firm, P.A. understand the severe impacts these crashes can have on victims and their loved ones. We will aggressively pursue compensation to cover your losses, including your medical bills, lost wages, lower earning potential, as well as your pain and suffering. 

The impact of a truck crash can affect your life for many years to come. If you believe that another driver caused your injuries, then you owe it to yourself and your family to investigate all of your options for holding that person or company accountable. Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our dedicated New Jersey rear-end truck accident lawyers. 

When a Truck Rear-Ends Your Vehicle

Large trucks outweigh other vehicles by twenty to 30 times. Because of their massive size and weight, it can take these vehicles much longer to slow down than passenger vehicles require to come to a stop. This issue can create the risk of a rear-end crash where a truck fails to slow down to avoid a collision. If the driver is not paying attention to road conditions ahead and traffic slows down, the truck may strike vehicles from behind, leading to potentially severe crashes. 

Another risk factor created by large trucks is the fact that many companies fail to maintain these vehicles properly. One of the most common problems identified in large trucks following crashes is poorly maintained brakes. The combination of inadequate brakes and vehicles that require a great deal of time and space to slow down creates a significant danger to other vehicles on the road. 

In most cases, if a truck rear-ends another vehicle, the truck driver will be at fault. The driver who strikes another vehicle from behind typically bears the bulk of the responsibility and these collisions. Even if the front driver slows down rapidly or unexpectedly, the driver behind that vehicle should be providing enough space between their car, and the car ahead of them slows down in an emergency. If you suffered injuries because of a rear-end truck collision, you should speak to one of our trusted New Jersey rear-end truck accident lawyers. 

When Drivers Rear-End Trucks

When a motorist rear-ends a truck, the consequences can be deadly. Trucks are higher off the ground than smaller vehicles so that cars may pass beneath the truck in devastating underwriting collisions. The consequences of these crashes are often gruesome. Federal regulations require that all truck companies use rails on the back of their vehicles to prevent cars from passing beneath the trailer of a truck.

The common name for this safety feature is Mansfield bars, named after actress Jayne Mansfield who died in a truck underwriting crash. If a truck failed to have the proper safety equipment, other drivers on the road might suffer the consequences. If you rear-ended a truck, you would need to speak to a personal injury lawyer about your claim. If the truck did not have proper rear reflectors, brake lights, or other safety equipment, the driver or company might share blame for the injuries. Speak to one of our New Jersey rear-end truck accident lawyers to learn more about pursuing one of these claims. 

The Qualified New Jersey Rear-End Truck Accident Lawyers at Epstein Firm Will Fight For You and Your Family After a Rear-End Truck Crash

Following a severe truck accident, you might receive offers to settle from the truck company’s insurance provider. However, insurance companies often offer low settlements in an attempt to quickly and easily get rid of a claim. Victims of crashes may accept search settlements if they do not realize the actual value of their claims. 

Hiring an experienced truck crash lawyer will mean having an advocate who is willing to take an aggressive approach to obtain the compensation you deserve. Your lawyer can handle negotiations and calls with the insurance company and let the defendant and insurance adjusters know that you will not settle for anything less than what you deserve. Do not let defense lawyers or insurance companies convince you that you do not have a strong claim. Speak to a lawyer who can review the accident and evidence and work with you to develop a strong case strategy. 

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If you or a loved one suffered severe injuries in a rear-end truck crash, contact the Epstein Law Firm today to consult with one of our dedicated New Jersey rear-end truck accident lawyers. Discussing your claim with a knowledgeable attorney can help you to appreciate your legal rights and options better. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Rear-End Truck Crashes in New Jersey

Suffering injuries in a rear-end truck crash can be frightening and confusing. Pursuing a legal claim might be intimidating. You likely have questions about your rights and the steps you will need to take to obtain damages from the driver or company who caused your injuries.

Is the Truck Company at Fault for my Injuries?

If a driver is an employee working for the truck company, that driver’s actions can lead to liability on the part of the truck company. If the trunk company failed to care for and maintain the vehicle properly, that company might be directly liable for your injuries if the poor maintenance contributed to the crash. Your lawyer will look at all of the potential defendants in order to develop the best and strongest case on your behalf.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim?

In the immediate aftermath of a truck crash, you should focus on your health and recovery. However, you should not wait too long to contact a lawyer about filing a claim. State law allows two years to file your claim after the date of the crash. However, the longer you wait, the more challenging it can be to gather evidence and identify witnesses. Speak to an attorney about your claim as soon as possible so that your representative can get started on gathering evidence and developing a strategy.


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