You need not tolerate sexual harassment in the workplace, period. If you have been subjected to a pattern of sexual harassment on the job, The Epstein Law Firm can help protect your rights.

Documenting Your Sexual Harassment Complaint

Sometimes a sexual harassment case boils down to “he said, she said”; the facts can be difficult to determine. Our New Jersey sexual harassment attorneys can advise you on ways to document the sexual harassment that you have experienced at your office, factory, food service outlet or retail store. Early advice and assistance from our knowledgeable lawyers can help you build a strong case.

Among other things, we may advise you to archive inappropriate e-mails. We may also advise you to get information regarding your employer’s grievance procedures.

Once we understand your situation in depth, we can assist you in preparing to file a formal complaint regarding the hostile work environment that has damaged your work life, or the “quid pro quo” requests for sexual favors that you have experienced.

Working to Achieve Your Goals

Perhaps you want to save your job, stop the wrongdoing or pursue compensation for lost earnings that resulted from the sexual harassment at your place of work. If you lost your job, reinstatement may be your objective. On top of your tangible losses, you may have suffered emotional pain and suffering as a result of the humiliation and disruption to your career. As your lawyer and advocate in a sexual harassment case, our goal is to achieve a desired outcome for you.

Contact a New Jersey Sexual Harassment Attorney

Talk over your circumstances with an experienced New Jersey sexual harassment lawyer. The solution may be simple and resolvable through a letter from your attorney, or it may be complex and require litigation. Contact The Epstein Law Firm by phone or by e-mail to schedule a consultation.