Getting into a car accident in Little Falls can have a long-term, significant impact on your life. In addition to injuries that may require long and expensive treatment, you may be left out of work for an extended period of time or you may suffer permanent disabilities that render you unable to go back to your old job. If you were involved in an accident that may have been caused by another careless or reckless driver, you deserve to pursue a claim for financial compensation from the party or parties at fault for the crash. Turn to the Little Falls car accident lawyers of The Epstein Law Firm, P.A. for help in seeking a successful outcome to your legal claim. Our legal team brings more than 120 years of combined legal experience, which we use to fight for the rights and interests of injured accident victims. We’ll vigorously pursue the compensation and justice you deserve from those responsible for your injuries, never backing down from the insurance companies and defense firms that may aggressively try to avoid their responsibility to you.

We know that the legal process can seem overwhelming, especially if you’ve never experienced a legal claim before. That’s why we handle all the aspects of your case so that your energy and time can remain focused on your recovery and getting back to normal life after an accident.

After you’ve been hurt in a car accident in Little Falls, contact our Little Falls personal injury attorneys for a free consultation to discuss your legal rights and options for holding the driver or parties at fault for the crash accountable to provide you with the compensation you deserve for the harm and losses that you’ve suffered.

Car Accident Claims We Handle

At The Epstein Law Firm, our Little Falls car accident lawyers represent clients injured in accidents involving circumstances such as:

Contact us if you’ve been hurt under one of these or some other circumstances that led to a car accident.

Turn to The Epstein Law Firm for Help from Little Falls Car Accident Lawyers in Pursuing Fair and Full Financial Compensation 

At The Epstein Law Firm, P.A., we work hard to ensure that you obtain maximum compensation in your case, including recovering physical evidence from the accident, working with experts to develop a persuasive argument for your case, and reviewing your records to determine the extent of your injuries and losses. We also take the time to get to know you personally so that we make sure that we are pursuing an outcome in your case that provides you with the recovery and justice you want and deserve. 

When you choose our Little Falls car accident lawyers to represent you, you can expect us to fight for compensation for:

  • Hospital bills and other medical expenses
  • Physical rehab expenses
  • Long-term or in-home care services
  • Lost income and benefits
  • Loss of future earnings when you are disabled from returning to work
  • Repair or replacement costs, such as when your vehicle is damaged or totaled in the accident
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress and anguish
  • Reduced quality of life or life expectancy due to injuries and disabilities

We work to make sure that you are fully compensated for both your financial and intangible losses and that you receive some measure of justice from those responsible for the harm that you have suffered.

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Car Crash Attorney Little Falls NJ

At The Epstein Law Firm, we believe that you shouldn’t have to bear the financial consequences of injuries you sustained in an accident that was someone else’s fault. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation to discuss how our experienced Little Falls car accident lawyers can help you pursue a legal claim against those responsible for your injuries and losses.

About Little Falls, NJ

Little Falls is a township located in Passaic County, New Jersey, named for a nearby waterfall on the Passaic River formed by the Beattie Mill, which served as the township’s primary employer for many decades. Originally settled by Dutch farmers in the early 1700s, during the 19th century Little Falls was home to the Morris Canal, which served as an important linkage between the Delaware and Hudson Rivers. Today, Little Falls is a largely suburban community, with many residents commuting into Newark and New York City.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Car Accidents in Little Falls, NJ

What should I do if I was in a car accident?

What do I do if the at-fault driver doesn’t have insurance?

If you are hit by a driver that isn’t insured by an auto policy, you may still be able to obtain financial compensation for your injuries and vehicle damage. If you have uninsured motorist coverage in your own auto policy, you may be entitled to file a claim with your own insurance company for benefits. In addition, you can also file a car accident lawsuit against the at-fault driver directly. However, Most motorists who drive without car insurance often don’t have significant financial resources to pay a judgment in a car accident lawsuit, making uninsured motorist coverage your best option for compensation.

How much does it cost to hire Little Falls car accident lawyers to help with my case?

When you choose The Epstein Law Firm to represent you in a car accident claim, you can rest assured that you won’t owe us any upfront costs. We get paid only if we secure financial compensation for you in a settlement or at trial. That way, you don’t have to worry about having to pay upfront for the legal assistance you need to pursue your car accident claim.


The first thing that comes to mind when I think of The Epstein Law Firm is, “These guys know what they are doing!” Being involved in a lawsuit is emotionally draining. Having a team like them to support you is like having the best captain in uncharted waters. Aside from being my lawyers and doing their job, it felt like they genuinely cared about me and my mental state. No words can ever fully express my gratitude.

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An outstanding firm with excellent attorneys. If you need a representation, they are definitely the ones to contact.

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