When a property owner neglects to keep a safe environment, whether by failing to clearly close off dangerous areas or by failing to fix anything that is defective, and someone slips and falls as a result, personal injury law protects the accident victim. Slip and fall accident victims may pursue financial compensation under personal injury law for their losses in addition to accident-related ailments. Each of our top-rated Irvington slip and fall lawyers at The Epstein Law Firm, P.A. is dedicated to advocating on behalf of those individuals who are harmed in accidents in Essex County and throughout New Jersey. 

However, making a personal injury claim after a slip and fall accident can be challenging. Additionally, the insurance company’s initial settlement offer is frequently substantially less than what you are entitled to. Let us assist.

Those who practice personal injury law at The Epstein Law Firm, P.A. have represented accident victims in New Jersey for a long time. As the most prosperous personal injury litigation company in the state, our knowledgeable team is results-driven. In New Jersey, we have obtained more judgments and settlements totaling more than $1 million.

What Are “Damages” In An Slip and Fall Accident In Irvington?

The losses incurred as a result of an accident are referred to as “damages” in legal terminology. The following losses may be recovered in a personal injury claim by victims of slip and fall accidents:

  • Medical care is expensive.
  • Costs of future projected medical care associated with this injury
  • Hospital stay charges
  • The price of CAT scans, X-rays, and other types of medical imaging tests
  • Surgical treatment costs
  • Medications on prescription
  • Mental suffering
  • Emotional suffering and pain
  • Rehabilitation therapy
  • Lost income
  • Unused paid sick time
  • Lost time from a paid vacation
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of friendship

It’s crucial to take your injury’s long-term repercussions into account when seeking compensation for your slip and fall mishap. You could file a claim for lost wages if, for instance, your line of work requires you to use both hands and you now need to wear a wrist brace for three months because of the accident.

When the Owner of the Property in Irvington Takes Responsibility for Your Slip and Fall Accident

If you slipped and fell in the store because the floor was wet, you might have thought it was pretty clear that the owner was to blame. When someone claims carelessness in a slip-and-fall accident, it is rarely that easy to figure out who was at fault.

The landowner can say that you were to blame for your slip and fall by saying, for example, that you weren’t watching where you were going at the time. Or that you should have known the floor was wet because a bucket of water was dripping from the ceiling in the aisle you were in.

According to “modified comparative fault” laws in New Jersey, if it is found that you were partly to blame for your slip and fall accident, the amount of money you get will be less. There are certain rules that apply when more than one person is to blame for an accident. According to New Jersey’s modified comparative fault rules, the amount of money you would get for the accident would be cut by an amount that shows how much you were to blame for it.

So, let’s think about a slip-and-fall accident that caused $50,000 in damage. If you are found to have caused 20% of the accident, your compensation will be cut by 20%. In this case, the compensation of $50,000 is then reduced by 20%, or $10,000, to a total of $40,000. But you won’t be able to get any money from the property owner if it can be shown that you caused the slip and fall more than 50% of the time.

The Success Of Skilled Personal Injury Attorneys In Recovering Maximum Compensation For Slip and Fall Accident Victims

You want to get paid in full as soon as possible for all of your losses after being harmed in a slip-and-fall accident. After all, you need to get back to the business of living your life since you are recovering from a physical accident and possibly an emotional trauma, you may be unable to work, and your medical expenditures are increasing.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult, irritating, and time-consuming to attempt to obtain the compensation you are entitled to from the negligent property owner. Unless you have us supporting you.

Accident victims can get a free case examination from our firm. One of our Irvington personal injury lawyers will review your claim, go through negligence and responsibility, go over the potential compensation you may be entitled to, and answer any questions you have. Contact our office to set up your free, private consultation.

About Irvington, New Jersey

The American township of Irvington is located in Essex County, New Jersey. There were 61,176 people there as of the 2020 census.

The Garden State Parkway, which runs through the middle of the township and is reachable via exits 143 and 144, is the main road in Irvington. Exit 54 on Interstate 78 also crosses the area very briefly at the southeasterly border. County Road 509 is the main local thoroughfare that runs through Irvington.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Slip and Fall Accidents in Irvington

What should you do if you have a slip and fall accident in Irvington?

When you suffer a slip and fall injury, the first thing you should do is alert the property’s manager or owner right away. It’s crucial to ask for an incident report and have a copy sent to you. Consider snapping pictures of the scene as well, since these can serve as priceless proof in your lawsuit.

Additionally, be sure to schedule a medical appointment or go to the emergency room to assess the severity of your injuries. The medical professional’s report will be used as the certified statement of the severity of your injuries in your lawsuit.

Why Is The Epstein Law Firm, P.A. the best company to handle my Irvington slip and fall claim?

The Epstein Law Firm, P.A.’s Irvington slip and fall lawyers are renowned for our accomplishments in obtaining the highest possible compensation for accident victims. Our skilled staff is committed to defending the rights of slip and fall accident victims and obtaining the best result in each case. We are one of the top legal companies in New Jersey.


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