Accidents involving a slip and fall are common. loose tiles on a sidewalk, a staircase with poor lighting, and a broken handrail. These are all dangerous situations that frequently cause people to trip and fall. And although slip-and-fall incidents might seem insignificant, they can cause serious injuries. Consult one of The Epstein Law Firm, P.A.’s East Orange slip and fall lawyers when you need assistance with your legal claim.

The Epstein Law Firm, P.A.’s skilled East Orange personal injury lawyers are available to assist you after an accident. For many years, our firm has successfully represented accident victims in court.

In a Slip And Fall Accident Claim, Do I Have To Prove Fault?

Yes. All personal injury claims center on the problem of fault. People who have been hurt in accidents that were brought on by someone else’s negligence are protected by personal injury law. If no one was negligent, the accident was simply one of those things that happened in life and nobody was at fault.

You might be pretty certain of who caused an accident if you or a loved one has slipped and fallen. It might not be as evident, though, in the eyes of the law.

The owner of the property would typically argue that you contributed to your accident in slip and fall cases. As evidence of your involvement in the accident, they may point to any number of factors, including failing to heed posted warning signs, entering a zone that was cordoned off, or staring down at your phone as you ascended the steps.

One of our knowledgeable East Orange slip and fall lawyers will assess the strength of your claim, speak with any eyewitnesses to the incident, and gather the necessary proof to back up your allegation of carelessness.

Recover the Most Money Possible for Your Slip and Fall Incident in East Orange

If a slip and fall accident causes injuries, you should be made whole for your losses. That idea is quite straightforward. And personal injury law gives wounded people just that protection by giving them the opportunity to file a personal injury claim against the entity who caused their injuries and other losses.

Victims of slip and fall accidents may pursue any of the following damages:

  • Expenses for medical care
  • prescription medicine prices
  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs The cost of x-rays, medical scans, and lab tests
  • Surgery bills
  • Future medical expenses resulting from the slip-and-fall incident
  • lost wages
  • reduction of earned sick time
  • a reduction in earned vacation time
  • loss of enjoyment in life
  • loss of friendship

The New Jersey court will take into account numerous criteria to give such unfathomable losses a monetary value when you have suffered a loss that cannot be quantified, such as the loss of companionship or the enjoyment of life.

Are You Unsure If Your Slip and Fall Accident Claim Has Enough Support? Make An Appointment For A Free Case Evaluation With A Knowledgeable East Orange Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

Personal injury law can be very complicated, just like many other legal fields. You want to hold the property owner responsible when you suffer harm in a slip and fall accident. But do you have enough proof to back up a claim for a slip and fall accident? Why not investigate?

An experienced accident lawyer will evaluate the merits of your slip and fall claim during a free case evaluation provided by The Epstein Law Firm, P.A., allowing you to make the best possible choice regarding your case.

Our skilled East Orange slip and fall lawyers at The Epstein Law Firm, P.A. have long represented accident victims. We are ready to speak with you about your slip and fall accident claim because we have in-depth knowledge of New Jersey’s personal injury laws, years of experience negotiating with insurance companies, and a track record of successfully litigating accident cases in court.

Contact The Epstein Law Firm, P.A. to arrange a private consultation with on of our a skilled East Orange slip and fall injury lawyers. The New Jersey State Bar, the New Jersey Association for Justice, and the American Association for Justice are just a few of the associations we have remained members of or held leadership positions in.

About East Orange, New Jersey

A few miles from Newark Liberty International Airport and less than 30 minutes from New York City, East Orange, New Jersey, sometimes known as “The Crossroads of New Jersey,” is ideally situated at the junction of the Garden State Parkway and Interstate 280.

One of the best things about East Orange is still its transportation system. Within the 3.9 square miles of the city, East Orange had six stations, three trolley lines, and three train lines at the height of its industrial development. With daily direct service to midtown Manhattan from its Brick Church and East Orange Train Stations, the city is currently one of 28 localities to be classified as a Transit Village.

Slip and Fall Accident Legal Services in Areas Nearby

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Slip-and-Fall Accidents in East Orange

How long do I have to submit a slip and fall accident claim in East Orange?

The state’s legal deadlines for filing are something you should be aware of before submitting a claim in the civil courts. The statutes of limitations refer to these dates. State-by-state and according to the kind of claim that is being made, these statutes vary considerably.

The statute of limitations in New Jersey is two years from the date of the accident for filing a slip and fall accident claim, which is a type of personal injury claim. Statutes of limitations are set deadlines that are rarely waived. The New Jersey court will dismiss your case if you don’t submit your slip and fall accident claim by the deadline. In the event that this transpires, you will have forfeited your chance to seek compensation for your injuries and other losses.

What kinds of damages could I be able to get in my slip-and-fall accident lawsuit in East Orange?

Accident victims who slip and fall may be entitled to the following damages and more:

– Medical costs
– Costs of rehabilitation therapy, hospital bills, surgery, prescription drugs, diagnostic imaging tests, laboratory testing, lost wages, lost paid sick time, and expected future medical costs
– Loss of quality of life, mental agony, and enjoyment of life
– Suffering on an emotional level – Loss of potential earning power due to accident-related injuries are just a few of the things that can incurre by the result from the slip-and-fall mishap.

How much does hiring an East Orange Slip and Fall Accident attorney cost?

The Epstein Law Firm, P.A. only accepts contingency fee cases. We also provide a free initial consultation to go over your case and learn more. Get in touch with our East Orange fall injury lawyers right away.


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