Experienceing an illness or accident at work is never a nice thing. Nonetheless, those who find themselves in this circumstance may be able to receive much-needed benefits thanks to workers’ compensation regulations. The workers’ compensation claims procedure can be challenging and stressful to navigate. The skilled Englewood Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at The Epstein Law Office, P.A. aids injured New Jersey workers in obtaining the maximum amount of compensation for their working injuries.

Our legal staff removes any delays in the payment of workers’ compensation payments, answers inquiries about the validity of the claim, determines if you are eligible for disability benefits, and pursues alternative sources of compensation.

Brilliant Work Injury Attorneys in Englewood, NJ Recover Full Payments For Employees From New Jersey

If a person in New Jersey contracts an occupational disease or sustains an injury while working, they may be entitled to workers’ compensation payments, which include the following:

  • Medical benefits for all appropriate and required treatments for an illness or injury sustained at work
  • benefits for temporary disability for whole or partial disability. This includes paying a worker’s average weekly wage back in part if they are unable to work during their recovery period or can only work part-time or on light duty, which results in a reduction in their normal pay.
  • Benefits for permanent partial disability that may give the employee a financial payment based on the body part or functions affected, as well as the degree of handicap they have experienced
  • benefits for total and permanent disability, which continue the temporary disability payments indefinitely. For a worker to be eligible for this benefit, their employer may insist that they undergo recurring medical examinations to ensure that they continue to be totally incapacitated.
  • Benefits for vocational rehabilitation may be available in cases where a worker sustains an illness or injury that leaves them permanently disabled. The worker may be eligible for vocational rehabilitation benefits if their permanent handicap prevents them from returning to their previous job but allows them to execute a different one. Services for job placement and employment retraining are among these advantages.
  • When a worker passes away as a result of a sickness or injury sustained at work, death benefits may be given. In such circumstances, death benefits would be payable to the worker’s surviving spouse, minor children, and maybe additional dependents.
  • The family of a dead employee may receive assistance with funeral costs. Up to $5,000 in burial and funeral expenses may be given to the family.

Each state provides statutes of limitations, which are the official deadlines for submitting a claim to the courts. In New Jersey, you have two years from the date of the employment injury or two years from the date you got your final payment of compensation to file a workers’ compensation claim, whichever comes first.

Experienced Englewood Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Are Available To Respond To Your Inquiries On The Claims Procedure

You likely have a lot of concerns regarding your eligibility to receive benefits, the claims procedure, and what to anticipate if you or a loved one was hurt at work and considering making a workers’ compensation claim. Contact The Epstein Law Office, P.A. to speak with knowledgeable Englewood workers’ compensation lawyers to learn the answers to your inquiries. Set up your free, private consultation right away.

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Workers' Compensation Claims in Englewood, New Jersey: Commonly Asked Questions

Do I have a workplace injury claim if I’m an independent contractor?

How does workers’ compensation work?

Workers’ compensation, commonly known as worker’s comp, is a type of insurance that offers certain benefits to employees who suffer an injury or illness while at work. The wounded worker forfeits their ability to sue the employer for the workplace negligence that resulted in the injury in exchange for these benefits. Contact the skilled Englewood workers’ compensation lawyers at The Epstein Law Office, P.A. to find out more about your eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits.

How is workers’ compensation administered?

When a workplace accident results in an injury, you may file a workers’ compensation claim to be reimbursed for certain benefits, including medical treatment for the injuries, disability payments, and salary replacement. It is not necessary to demonstrate carelessness in workers’ compensation claims; in fact, culpability is not even considered. The injured employee forfeits their ability to sue their employer or their coworkers for the accident that occurred once the workers’ compensation claim has been made. Consult with the Englewood workers’ compensation attorney at The Epstein Law Office, P.A. if you need help understanding workers’ compensation. to find out more about the claims procedure, the rewards you might be qualified for, and how our skilled legal team can assist. Make an appointment for your free consultation right away.

I was hurt while working. Is it possible that my employer may retaliate against me if I submit a workers’ compensation claim? My employer was negligent, but does it mean they get in trouble or have to pay fines?

The purpose of the workers’ compensation law is to safeguard injured workers against precisely this kind of conduct. Your employer is not allowed to retaliate in any way, including by firing you, punishing you, or treating you unfairly, if you make a workers’ compensation claim against them. Whose fault the workplace accident was does not factor in workers’ compensation claims. There isn’t a liability assertion. When you submit a workers’ compensation claim, you give up the right to sue your company or other employees for the accident, and your employer cannot discipline you for doing so. In other words, you and your employer are both protected from each other taking adverse action against the other as a result of the workplace accident.


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