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What Type Of Compensation Am I Entitled To For My Slip And Fall Accident In Paramus?

The injured party can obtain compensation for their injuries and other damages by making a personal injury claim for a slip and fall accident that was the result of another person’s negligence. These losses are referred to as “damages,” and they encompass a variety of costs associated with the injuries in addition to additional losses brought on by the slip and fall incident.

  • In particular, victims of slip and fall accidents may be entitled to the following compensation and more:
  • The cost of receiving medical care
  • Invoices for medical appointments
  • Cost of projected future medical care related to the injuries sustained in the accident
  • Hospital stay charges
  • Emergency room visit bills
  • The price of prescription drugs
  • Surgical treatment costs
  • Costs of rehabilitation
  • Physical treatment costs
  • The price of medical diagnostic imaging tests like CAT scans, MRIs, and X-rays
  • Emotional suffering and pain
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of friendship
  • A reduction in earned vacation time
  • Reduction of earned sick time

Restoring the injured party to their pre-accident condition is the desired goal of compensatory damages. The goal of compensatory damages is not to hold the responsible party accountable.

What Happens If My Paramus Fall Accident Was Partly My Fault? Am I Still Entitled to Compensation?

If you contributed less than 50% to the cause of your slip and fall accident, you may still be entitled to compensation for your losses and injuries.

According to the “modified comparative fault rules” in New Jersey, if it is found that the injured party was somewhat to blame for the accident, their right to compensation may be reduced. The laws specifically indicate that the compensation will be diminished by a sum that corresponds to the degree of fault of the injured party.

Therefore, if a victim of a slip and fall accident contributed 25% to the accident, their compensation will be 25% less. A damage award of $10,000 will be reduced by 25%, or $2,500, for a final amount of $7,500 in damages. However, under New Jersey’s modified comparative fault rules, the accident victim will not be entitled to receive compensation from the other party if they are more than 50% at fault for the accident.

The Rights Of Slip and Fall Accident Victims Are Protected By Committed Personal Injury Lawyers In Paramus And Throughout New Jersey

Your life may be affected in a variety of ways if you experience a slip-and-fall accident. doctor’s appointments, missed work days, hospital costs, and procedures. How do you start?

The Epstein Law Firm, P.A. offers free case evaluations with accident attorneys. For more than a decade, our firm has fought for the rights of New Jersey accident victims, and we have obtained numerous verdicts and settlements totaling more than $1 million.

One of our seasoned Paramus personal injury lawyers will review your case, evaluate the evidence to establish carelessness, go over the kind of compensation you might be able to receive and address your questions during your free consultation. Contact our office to set up your free case evaluation.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Slip and Fall Accidents in Paramus

Is negligence the basis of every claim in a Paramus slip and fall accident?

Under personal injury law, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and other losses if you were hurt in a slip and fall accident. But it’s crucial to realize that under personal injury law, only those who suffered harm in accidents brought on by negligence are protected. You do not have the grounds for a personal injury claim if no one was irresponsible in causing or aiding in the accident.

How long are the deadlines for submitting slip and fall accident claims in New Jersey?

Note the date on your calendar if you were harmed in a slip and fall accident. You don’t want to miss New Jersey’s statute of limitations, which is the deadline for bringing civil claims. Each state has its own statutes of limitations, which change based on the nature of the underlying claim. The statute of limitations in New Jersey is two years from the date of the accident for personal injury claims, such as those resulting from slip and fall accidents.

The New Jersey court may decline to hear your case if you file your slip and fall accident claim after the two-year statute of limitations has passed. Once that does place, you will no longer be able to seek compensation for any accident-related losses.


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