People frequently suffer work-related injuries in Paterson, New Jersey without any fault of their own because of the unusually high number of companies involved in a wide range of diverse industries. When such accidents occur, the victims should seek the advice of Paterson Workers’ Compensation Lawyers who are well-versed in the problems and legal requirements pertaining to workers’ compensation in the State of New Jersey.

NJ’s System For Workers’ Compensation In Paterson

Accidents at work occur frequently and, regrettably, may have disastrous results. Like the majority of hard-working people, your family’s well-being depends on your capacity to earn a living. Due to this, it is understandable to be concerned when an injury prevents a person from working. Fortunately, New Jersey offers a workers’ compensation system that safeguards staff members who have had workplace injuries or illnesses. Although the distribution of workers’ compensation benefits to injured employees is intended to be straightforward, an employer’s insurance company can complicate things and add more stress to an already stressful situation. The best approach to make sure you are fairly compensated for your accident is to hire knowledgeable Work Injury Attorneys in Paterson, NJ who are familiar with the intricacies of the system.

Workers With Injuries Are Represented By The Epstein Law Firm, P.A. in Paterson, New Jersey

Work Injury Attorneys in Paterson, NJ with The Epstein Law Company, P.A. have obtained millions of dollars for injured workers, guaranteeing their future financial and medical protection as well as that of their families. Our Paterson Workers’ Compensation Lawyers have years of expertise trying workers’ compensation cases in court. Jonathan Arnold and Jon Bramnick are both certified civil trial attorneys. John Rodriguez has more than 14 years of expertise assisting those hurt on the job. It is significant to remember that timing is essential for ensuring the wounded worker receives the right care. It is crucial that the victim of a workplace injury first reports the incident before getting in touch with Paterson Workers’ Compensation Lawyers right away. In many situations, a brief phone call to the employer’s insurance provider can address temporary disability and medical care. But occasionally, the wounded person is refused assistance by the employer or the insurance provider, and the benefits can only be recovered by legal action before a workers’ compensation judge.

Free Consultations – Paterson Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

The Epstein Law Group, P.A. has had attorneys on staff helping thousands of people who had serious injuries while on the job in Paterson. We can make sure the hurt worker gets the benefits they are entitled to under the workers’ compensation statute. Indemnification for injuries, compensation for lost time, and appropriate medical care are a few examples of these benefits. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Paterson Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at The Epstein Law Firm, P.A. if you were hurt while working in Paterson by contacting our offices to confirm that you can receive all benefits to which you are legally entitled. We are accessible around-the-clock.

About Workers in Paterson, NJ

With almost 140,000 residents, Paterson is the third-largest city in New Jersey and is situated in Passaic County. Alexander Hamilton founded the city in 1791, and it has a long history of producing silk and textiles, earning the moniker “Silk City.” Nowadays, Paterson is a multicultural neighborhood with a vibrant downtown, lots of parks and recreational areas, and a strong arts scene. It also has the Great Falls, a well-known tourist destination that is both a National Park and a registered National Historic Site. Paterson has encountered several difficulties recently, such as economic hardships and high crime rates, but initiatives are being made to revive the city and enhance the standard of living for its citizens.

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Common Questions About Workers' Compensation Claims

Do I have a workplace injury claim if I’m an independent contractor?

What is workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that provides benefits to employees who are injured or become ill as a result of their job.

Who is eligible for workers’ compensation in Paterson, NJ?

In Paterson, NJ, almost all employees are eligible for workers’ compensation, including full-time, part-time, seasonal, and temporary workers.

How do I file a workers’ compensation claim in Paterson, NJ?

To file a workers’ compensation claim in Paterson, NJ, you should notify your employer immediately after your injury or illness. Your employer should then provide you with a claim form, which you will need to complete and submit to the workers’ compensation insurance carrier.

What types of benefits are available under workers’ compensation in Paterson, NJ?

The benefits available under workers’ compensation in Paterson, NJ may include medical treatment, temporary disability benefits, permanent disability benefits, vocational rehabilitation, and death benefits.

How much will I receive in workers’ compensation benefits in Paterson, NJ?

The amount of workers’ compensation benefits you receive in Paterson, NJ will depend on a number of factors, including the severity of your injury or illness, the amount of time you are unable to work, and your average weekly wage.

Can I choose my own doctor for a workers’ compensation claim in Paterson, NJ?

In Paterson, NJ, you must initially seek treatment from a doctor that is authorized by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier. However, if you are not satisfied with the care you receive, you may be able to choose your own doctor later in the process.

What if my workers’ compensation claim is denied in Paterson, NJ?

If your workers’ compensation claim is denied in Paterson, NJ, you have the right to appeal the decision. You should contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to help you through the appeals process.

Can I be fired for filing a workers’ compensation claim in Paterson, NJ?

No, it is illegal for an employer to retaliate against an employee for filing a workers’ compensation claim in Paterson, NJ. If you believe you have been fired or otherwise retaliated against for filing a workers’ compensation claim, you should contact an experienced attorney.


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