Despite their apparent insignificance, slip and fall incidents can cause significant injury. Every year, millions of people suffer injuries nationwide as a result of slip and fall incidents. While some wounds, like cuts and bruises, are minor, there are others that can have deadly or drastically altering effects. According to the legislation, property owners must make sure that visitors are sufficiently safe on their grounds. Visitors to their property may be entitled to compensation if they suffer injuries as a result of dangerous conditions on the property. One of our knowledgeable Paterson slip and fall lawyers can help you obtain damages if you were hurt in a slip, trip, and fall accident.

Over the years, hundreds of victims of personal injuries have put their trust in The Epstein Law Firm, P.A.’s team to stand up for their rights. Millions of dollars in compensation for victims of other people’s negligence-related injuries have been successfully obtained by us. You may rely on us to battle tenaciously and vehemently to obtain full and just compensation for your injuries if you hire our firm to represent you.

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How a Slip, Trip, and Fall Accident Case Establishes Liability

You must first demonstrate carelessness in order to be awarded compensation in a premises liability suit. In cases of slip, trip, and fall incidents, you must demonstrate that:

  • On the property, a dangerous situation existed. This can include slippery or wet surfaces, dimly lit hallways, ripped or damaged carpeting, stairways without railings, or open holes in the garden.
  • The property manager or owner should have been aware of the risk or already knew it.
  • The property’s owner or manager failed to give sufficient notice of the hazard. To alert people to safety concerns, property owners or managers must install warning devices such as conspicuous signage, safety cones, or other safety obstacles.
  • The property’s owner or manager failed to address the hazardous situation in a timely manner.
  • The hazardous situation was the main cause of your damages and injuries.

Identifying the type of visitor you were at the time of the accident is also crucial. Different sorts of visitors might receive varying degrees of protection under New Jersey’s premises liability statute. Various types of people can enter a property:

  • Invitees are those who are present at a place of business or on public property, such as you if the accident happened while you were a customer there. You will be given the best possible level of protection by the property’s owner. They are in charge of making sure the place is secure.
  • This visitor to a privately owned property is a licensee. You are a licensee, for instance, if a family member invites you to their house. In this situation, the property owner is expected to alert you to the dangerous situation.
  • Trespassers are people who access private property without the owner’s consent. They have taken on very little of the property owner’s duty.
  • Children – Since they are unable to assume the same level of responsibility for their own safety as an adult, children fall into a separate category. The court will hold the homeowner accountable for any injuries sustained by a youngster, regardless of whether they were visitors or intruders.

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About Patterson, New Jersey

The major city and county seat of Passaic County, New Jersey, in the United States is Paterson. With 159,732 inhabitants as of the 2020 US Census, it was the third-most populous city in New Jersey.

Due to Paterson’s prominent position in the manufacture of silk in the latter part of the 19th century, it is known as the “Silk City.”

Paterson, is a neighborhood of New York City, with 145,484 inhabitants. The county of Passaic includes Paterson. A sense of both urban and suburban living is provided to Paterson’s population by the fact that the majority of residents rent their homes. Paterson has a large number of pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks.

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Common Questions Regarding Slip-and-Fall Accidents

At a gathering at a neighbor's house, I tripped and fell. Can I file a claim for damages for my injuries?

You might be entitled to financial compensation if you were hurt in a slip-and-fall accident on a neighbor’s property while they were hosting a party. It all depends on how the mishap happened. For instance, if your neighbor failed to alert guests to the hazardous situation or make an effort to remedy it, they may be held responsible for the catastrophe.

It is crucial to speak with a knowledgeable Patterson slip and fall accident attorney. Your attorney will examine the facts of your case and inform you of the parties who may be held accountable and the best course of action for pursuing damages for your injuries.

On a family member's property, I had a slip and fall mishap that left me hurt. I'm not interested in suing them for damages. Anything else I can do?

When friends or relatives are involved, slip and fall instances can become more challenging. You might decide against bringing a lawsuit against a friend or member of your family. The injuries you received in the accident, however, may have put you in a tough financial situation.

The good news is that your family member’s homeowner insurance policy will allow you to submit a claim for compensation. You won’t need to personally sue your family member in order to reimburse your medical expenses and other losses from the slip, trip, and fall disaster.


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