Work-related illness or injury? If you become handicapped due to an illness or injury and try to return to work, the New Jersey workers’ compensation system may help. Corporations and their workers’ compensation insurers often dispute claims to avoid paying benefits to injured or ill workers. If you need help filing a workers’ compensation claim against your employer, contact our Jersey City workers’ compensation lawyers.

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Workers’ Compensation Claims Might Have Several Benefits After A Workplace Injury

Workers’ compensation may cover a worker’s illness or injury. Benefits include:

  • Insurance covers necessary medical care and rehabilitation.
  • Temporary disability compensation can help replace lost income when an employee is unable to work or has their hours cut due to a disability.
  • Permanent partial disability compensation may be available to impaired people who can still work. It’s called “workers’ comp.”
  • After short-term incapacity, an employee becomes permanently disabled. This guarantees the employee a steady income as long as the disability lasts.
  • Death benefits cover funeral expenditures and a share of the worker’s lost salary for family members of workers who died on the job. Workers who die from work-related injuries or illnesses receive these benefits.

New Jersey Workers’ Comp Laws

New Jersey requires employers to obtain “no-fault” insurance for workplace injuries. No-fault insurance guarantees injured workers compensation regardless of fault. Unfortunately, employer insurance corporations often construct unnecessary legal roadblocks that delay workers’ benefits. This delays workers’ benefits. So, your success in this system depends on your legal counsel. Thankfully, our top civil lawyers are known throughout the state for their workers’ compensation success. They are the state’s most successful workers’ compensation attorneys, having settled over 1,000 cases for his clients. Contact our Jersey City Workers’ Compensation Lawyers to discuss your situation for free.

Worker’s Compensation Claim Guidelines

New Jersey workers’ compensation claims begin with notifying an employer of a work-related illness or injury. State laws require employees to report their employers within 14 days of workplace injuries to get workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation benefits must be claimed within three months after an injury.

Oral notice is acceptable, but written notice ensures the employer is aware of the injury. Managers, supervisors, and HR specialists may receive notice. Some firms and workers’ compensation insurers supply documentation for injured workers to file claims.

Employers must immediately report workplace injuries to the Division of Workers’ Compensation. If an employer does not provide this report or refuses to do so, an employee must file a formal claim petition with the Division to get benefits. A worker who submits a claim petition can choose between the formal claim hearing, in which the court makes a legally binding ruling, or the informal hearing, in which the judge attempts to mediate a settlement between the worker and their employer. An injured worker who files a claim petition may get compensation for continued incapacity or harm.

How a Jersey City Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Help With Your Claim

Hard-working people need money to support themselves and their families. If an accident prevents a person from working, they may be in danger. Jersey City Workers’ Compensation Lawyers can help you recover lost pay and medical expenses. In Jersey City, our top civil lawyer is known for getting his clients the most money. their million-dollar settlements and verdicts have been recognized at the Million Dollar Advocates Conference. they are  “Superlawyers” rising star and a Supreme Court of New Jersey Civil Trial Attorneys.

About Jersey City and Workers Compensation Claims

Hudson County houses Jersey City. Hudson County’s seat and New Jersey’s second-most populous municipality. Jersey City located between the Hackensack River and Newark Bay on the west and the Hudson River and Upper New York Bay on the east, opposite Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. Jersey City is a manufacturing and transportation hub due to its location. Jersey City’s recent economic expansion has earned it the nickname “Wall Street West” due to the arrival of financial institutions and corporations.

Jersey City is the state’s second-most populous city, but its Workers’ Compensation Court handles a disproportionate share of workers’ compensation cases. Jersey City is an ideal manufacturing and distribution center due to its location at the Hackensack River and Newark Bay. Jersey City’s extensive rail network connects it to the US and New York City. Jersey City residents with high-risk jobs need workers’ compensation insurance. In fact, between 2017 and 2021, OSHA reported four workplace deaths in Jersey City. One worker died, a trench collapsed, and two workers fell from high heights.

Jersey City’s workers’ compensation court is Hudson County’s sole one. 3F, 438 Summit Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306, 07306. Court contact is (201) 217-7205. Our attorneys have successfully negotiated with Jersey City’s Workers’ Compensation Court administrative staff for years.

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Jersey City Workers' Compensation FAQs

Do I have a workplace injury claim if I’m an independent contractor?

Is firing a worker's compensation recipient legal?

Even though the person is getting workers’ compensation, the employer can fire them at will or according to any contract. Nonetheless, it is illegal to terminate an employee who has filed a workers’ compensation claim or who has a disability (or is considered to have a disability) but is still competent to perform their job obligations (with or with reasonable accommodation). Even if the employee’s termination was legal, the business must pay workers’ compensation payments.

Workers' compensation exemptions: when?

Workers’ compensation covers solely the worker’s injury-related financial losses. Hence, it does not compensate for human suffering, emotional agony, or reduced quality of life caused by a work-related injury or illness.


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