When you hire a lawyer, you put your trust in them to represent your interests and manage your case with the highest expertise and care. Who can you contact for assistance if your attorney’s activities lead you to lose money or have other negative effects? You can contact The Epstein Law Firm, P.A. if you reside in New Jersey. For clients who have gotten incompetent legal representation from other attorneys, our Hackensack legal malpractice lawyers vigorously pursue claims. We have more than 120 years of combined experience, which enables us to successfully handle challenging legal malpractice claims and defend your right to just recompense.

We are aware that it can be difficult to trust a new attorney after your prior one hurt you. Our legal professionals believe that the bond between a lawyer and a client is sacred. The lawyer should feel gratified when a client confides in them with a serious matter. We don’t hesitate to hold lawyers accountable when they don’t provide services that uphold the necessary professional standards. Contact our Hackensack legal malpractice lawyers for a free consultation now to find out more about your legal rights and how we can assist in protecting them.

How Our Skilled Hackensack Legal Malpractice Lawyers Can Aid

It’s crucial to contact knowledgeable legal malpractice attorneys in Hackensack, NJ right away if you believe your lawyer made a mistake. Cases of legal malpractice are difficult. Your Hackensack legal malpractice lawyers must possess the necessary expertise to demonstrate:

  • Your first attorney violated their obligation to you as their client by failing to use the utmost care.
  • The underlying case or transaction’s outcome was adversely affected or worsened as a direct result of that violation.
  • You were hurt as a result of that unfortunate consequence.

Legal malpractice cases occasionally resemble two separate lawsuits together. In order to demonstrate how hiring a competent attorney would have changed your outcomes, we must both demonstrate that your lawyer made a mistake and work on the underlying issue.

Our Hackensack personal injury lawyers at The Epstein Law Firm, P.A. have been defending clients’ rights for decades. We have more than 120 years of combined expertise, and we are known in the legal community for giving our clients efficient, knowledgeable legal guidance. If you select us, our Hackensack legal malpractice lawyers will:

  • We will thoroughly investigate your claim to gather the proof we need to support it.
  • Make sure you are aware of potential outcomes as your case develops.
  • Keep you updated, which implies that your lawyer will be available to respond to your inquiries at every stage
  • Zealously represent you to uphold your rights.

In order to thoroughly review your case and develop a plan that works for you, we provide a free consultation. Call our office right away to learn more.

What is Legal Malpractice

Legal malpractice, in its simplest form, is when a lawyer fails to offer services that are up to the standard of care expected of a licensed attorney, whether due to a mistake or an omission. Any form of case, including transactions, personal injury, employment law, and contract disputes, might involve legal misconduct.

Our Hackensack legal malpractice lawyers will work to establish the following to obtain compensation for legal malpractice:

  • You suffered harm as a result of your lawyer’s ethical or legal misbehavior or deviation from the standard of care (in most cases, this requires showing financial harm)

Malpractice can take many different forms, including:

  • Accepting a case that is outside the lawyer’s area of expertise Failing to file a case within the deadline (statute of limitations)
  • stealing or misappropriating your money or belongings, whether by keeping possessions you gave them inadvertently or even by refusing to pay your full settlement award
  • pursuing a pointless or irrational claim
  • not doing your due diligence when processing a transaction
  • Common lawsuit mistakes include failing to properly investigate, comprehend, or apply the law
  • Billing mistakes, such as overbilling or charging you for services that the attorney never provided
  • accepting a case despite potential conflicts of interest that could prevent an attorney from acting in the client’s best interest only
  • Notifying you of a settlement offer or pressuring you to settle a case
  • incorrectly examining your case
  • a lack of adequate case preparation
  • violating your confidentiality rights

The fact that lawyers are suing other lawyers for legal negligence is neither contradictory nor ironic. Like other professionals like doctors and architects, lawyers are held to reasonable standards and are required to abide by a code of ethics.

When attorneys take on a matter, clients have the right to assume that their rights will be upheld. For those who have been affected by legal malpractice, our Hackensack legal malpractice lawyers are devoted to obtaining justice.

For Assistance With Pursuing a Legal Negligence Claim, Speak with the Reputable Legal Malpractice Attorneys in Hackensack, NJ at The Epstein Law Firm, P.A.

Our legal malpractice attorneys in Hackensack, NJ are here to assist you if you believe that your lawyer made a critical mistake that caused you to sustain large losses. To arrange a free consultation, get in touch with us online or give our office a call.

You must take immediate action in order to protect any claims you may have. The time period for bringing a legal malpractice claim is constrained by New Jersey law, just like it is for any other kind of action.

About Hackensack, NJ and Legal Malpractice Claims

Hackensack is a vibrant city located in Bergen County, New Jersey. As the county seat, it’s home to a bustling downtown area, several historic sites, and a rich cultural scene. Its closeness to New York City also makes it an attractive residential and business location.

However, like any place, the city of Hackensack is not immune to instances of legal malpractice. Legal malpractice is an area of law that deals with cases where an attorney has been negligent in their duty to their client, and that negligence has caused harm to the client. This can include failure to meet court deadlines, breach of fiduciary duty, conflict of interest, or failure to apply the law correctly.

Legal malpractice claims are particularly important in preserving the integrity of the legal profession and ensuring that clients receive the standard of representation they deserve. It’s important to understand that not every loss in a legal case constitutes malpractice; rather, it is about proving that the attorney’s negligence directly led to a negative outcome.

In Hackensack, these cases require a high level of expertise and understanding of both the underlying legal issue and the standards of legal practice. Clients considering such a claim should engage the services of an attorney experienced in legal malpractice. It’s also important to note that New Jersey has a strict statute of limitations on legal malpractice claims – typically six years from the date the alleged malpractice occurred.

The Epstein Law Firm, P.A., has significant experience in handling legal malpractice cases in Hackensack, NJ, and the surrounding areas. Our attorneys are committed to holding fellow legal professionals accountable and pursuing justice for clients who have suffered due to legal negligence. It’s part of our broader commitment to uphold the rule of law and ensure that every individual gets the quality legal representation they deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Legal Malpractice Claims in New Jersey

How does legal malpractice happen?

Do I have a case for legal malpractice if my attorney predicted I would get considerably more money than I did in the initial case?

You could. A lawyer’s estimation of the value of your case is typically just that—an estimate. Unexpected evidence may have surfaced, and judges and juries can be unpredictable. However, some behaviors can qualify as actionable malpractice if they in any way caused a much smaller compensation award.

What kind of damages am I eligible to get if I prove legal malpractice?

The amount of compensation that is available will depend on your economic losses, lost income, and lost profits. For instance, in overbilling or theft situations, you can be entitled to compensation for sums your attorney unreasonably earned. If your lawyer handled your case improperly, resulting in a lower damages award than anticipated, you may be entitled to compensation to make up the difference.


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