How many times have you been driving on the highway only to have a large tractor trailer pull up beside you? For New Jersey commuters, this is an all too common occurrence, especially since New Jersey is situated between two major metropolitan cities. In fact, Interstate 95, which travels through Fort Lee and a stretch of the New Jersey Turnpike, has earned the reputation of being the most truck-congested area in the country, according to the American Transportation Research Institute. Learn more about how these types of accidents occur and how a personal injury lawyer can help you recover compensation below. 

Fatigued Driving

One of the major contributing factors of trucking accidents is due to the long hours that truck drivers work. There are rules in place for how long truck drivers can be behind the wheel before they have to take a break, however that doesn’t mean the rules are always followed. Despite best efforts to make deliveries or pick up shipments on time, unexpected delays or mandatory deadlines can cause a truck driver to want to push themselves to get back on track or in some cases, get back home to their loved ones. Truck drivers may also receive mixed messages from their employers, which may cause them to drive fatigued until they physically feel they have to stop. 

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Aggressive and Reckless Driving

If you’re a New Jersey driver, you’re probably all too familiar with road rage. This form of reckless and aggressive driving can result in catastrophic injuries for those involved. If a truck driver is fatigued, they may become frustrated more easily. Truck drivers are also under an incredible amount of stress to meet deadlines, which could also lead to aggressive driving habits. If this is the case, then a truck driver may take aggressive action such as trying to pass another vehicle or cut someone off without taking into consideration the weight of their vehicle, resulting in the truck to tip over and potentially create a major accident. 

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Lack of Appropriate Training

Perhaps one of the most common causes of truck accidents results from drivers having inadequate training. Not only do truck drivers require a specific license to operate one of these big rigs but they should be adequately trained before ever making their first delivery. Truck drivers face a variety of different hazards while on the road that are not limited to rain, snow, icy roads and driving in extremely congested and foreign areas. A truck driver should be able to navigate these situations and the elements in an effort to not hurt themselves or others on the road. Any driver who isn’t properly trained is a reflection of the trucking company, and an injured party will most likely file a claim against both the driver and company. 

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