Car accidents on the New Jersey Turnpike generally involve more than one victim, but rarely affect multiple family members. A multi vehicle accident happened in the last week that not only had multiple victims but also injured a father and son who were traveling together on the Turnpike. The multi vehicle accident happened late at night on New Jersey's Turnpike near the Chesterfield Township. Last Thursday at approximately 11:30 p.m., three motor vehicles were involved in the multi car accident. The vehicles involved were a pick-up truck, SUV and a semi-truck. The collision began when the pick-up truck rear-ended the SUV while traveling on the Turnpike. Following the collision between the pick-up truck and the SUV, the SUV careened through three lanes on the Turnpike. The SUV was stopped when it collided with the Turnpike's center medium. After the collision between the SUV and the pick-up truck, the pick-up truck continued to travel on the Turnpike and eventually collided with the semi-truck. The pick-up truck stopped on the side of the Turnpike after the two collisions. At some time during the multi car collision, the driver of the pick-up truck was ejected from the vehicle. The driver and passenger of the SUV, who were the father and son, were injured as a result of the collision. All three were transported to a local hospital for medical attention. The driver of the pick-up truck was pronounced dead after his arrival at the hospital. The father and son are still in critical condition following the accident. The accident remains under investigation. Source: The Trentonian, "Turnpike crash leaves one dead, two critically injured," Sherrina V. Navani, Aug. 10, 2012