Our committed Hackensack workplace accident lawyers at The Epstein Law Firm represent hurt employees. We can assist you in looking into all available possibilities for compensation if you have sustained an on-the-job accident, including workers’ compensation and third-party liability.

Contact our office to speak with one of our work injury attorneys in Hackensack, NJ if you have been hurt at work. If your injuries limit your mobility, we can arrange to meet with you at the hospital or another place of your choice. We offer free consultations and can meet with you at our office.

We regularly advise hurt workers to fill up paperwork right away to record the incident, the employer’s notification, and the injuries. Many employees worry that they may be fired if they disclose an accident, however your employer is not allowed to take any adverse action as a result of your injuries.

Relative Responsibility

Most individuals believe that workers’ compensation is the only way to receive payment for an injury sustained while working. However, it might be feasible to sue a third party (someone other than your employer) if they are accountable for injuries that happened while you were at work.

Types Of Workplace Injuries That Our Hackensack Workplace Accident Lawyers Can Help With

We have expertise managing a range of cases involving workplace injuries caused by accidents, such as the following:

  • Injury to Commercial Drivers
  • Injuries to Construction Workers
  • Hospital and Nursing Staff Injuries
  • Diseases & Occupational Exposure
  • Injury to a package delivery driver
  • Injuries to police and firefighters
  • Injuries to Public Employees
  • Work-Related Injuries that Recur
  • Truck Driver Accidents
  • Injuries to Factory and Warehouse Workers

We are aware of how devastating a personal injury accident can be. Along with dealing with the physical consequences, victims also have to pay for medical bills, lost earnings, and other costs. As Hackensack personal injury lawyers, we take into account all potential outcomes and strive to achieve them for each wounded worker we represent.

Outstanding Results For Hackensack Workplace Accident Lawyers With A Proven Track Record

In addition to assisting injured workers in requesting work comp compensation, The Epstein Law Firm assists clients in identifying any and all third parties who may be liable for their work injury. Following are some examples of third-party liability claims:

  • A careless coworker
  • If a work vehicle was involved in an accident, the driver of the other vehicle
  • The maker of hazardous products like asbestos, chemicals, faulty machinery, or unsafe tools
  • An irresponsible property owner

Our work injury attorneys in Hackensack, NJ have experience with many workplace accident cases and are knowledgeable about the nuances of a third-party liability claim. We work with clients to identify the party or parties accountable for their workplace accidents, and we fight for the highest possible settlement on their behalf.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Accidents at Work

Do I qualify for workers' compensation benefits if I'm an independent contractor?

There are numerous elements that affect the distinction between an independent contractor and an employee. Furthermore, just because you get payment from your company on a 1099 form does not imply that you are an independent contractor. And that is just one instance. For whatever reason, the employer may occasionally argue that the accident wasn’t related to the job. Therefore, by working with the Epstein Law Firm, we can help you sort through these concerns and fight against the insurance companies’ and employers’ claims that the injured party was an independent contractor or was not hurt while on the job. There are a number of situations where an employer can argue that an accident didn’t occur while an employee was at work, and there are a number of things to consider when deciding whether or not the employee was actually working when the accident occurred.