The advent of ridesharing platforms like Uber has simplified our access to transportation and, in many cases, reduced the cost of going from A to B. But when an Uber accident happens, the calmness of the situation quickly fades. When victims of Uber accidents must contend with insurers and defense attorneys paid for by Uber, it can be difficult to secure adequate compensation. The skilled Hackensack uber accident lawyers at The Epstein Law Firm, P.A. who handle are known for their refusal to give in. Our team has over 120 years of expertise between them, giving us the legal know-how and courtroom experience necessary to assist you throughout the whole process of obtaining just compensation.

If you or a loved one has been wounded in an Uber accident, our legal team is here to answer any and all questions you may have. Perhaps you’re curious:

  • Exactly who is responsible for footing the bill for your healthcare?
  • If you were injured while taking an Uber, would your own auto insurance pay for the damages?
  • What kind of insurance requirements does Uber have to follow?
  • Is there any sort of insurance or workers’ comp for Uber drivers in the event that they get hurt on the job?

Staying cool and putting your health first is paramount following an Uber crash. Our uber injury attorneys in Hackensack, NJ can file your insurance claim and negotiate for a favorable settlement on your behalf. Contact our office right now for a free assessment of your case and find out how we can give you the individualized service of a boutique firm and the professional outcomes you’d expect from a large firm.

Hackensack Uber Accident Lawyers With A Track Record Of Success In Representing Clients Involved In Accidents Involving Uber Go The Extra Mile

Our Hackensack personal injury lawyers at The Epstein Law Firm, P.A. are committed to assisting Uber accident victims in pursuing just compensation through the legal system. Insurance company negotiations may be stressful under the best of circumstances. It’s normal to feel like giving up before even starting negotiations with a large commercial carrier.

Hundreds of others in similar situations have benefited from the work of our uber injury attorneys in Hackensack, NJ. We know how the system works and can help you build a strong case for financial recompense. We will aggressively pursue just reparation from:

  • Incurred Expenses in Health Care
  • Orthopedic treatment
  • Treatment and maintenance at home for those recovering from an injury
  • Expenses not paid for
  • potential income loss
  • Difficulty and distress
  • Damage to property
  • More than that

Our Hackensack uber accident lawyers devote countless hours to learning as much as they can about your case through investigation and research. Our commitment to our customer’s satisfaction has earned us a stellar reputation. It means the following to us:

  • Exploring potential insurance coverage options for compensation
  • We’ll consult with doctors and other medical professionals to calculate the full cost of your injuries and submit an accurate insurance claim.
  • Make sure you know what’s going on with your case and the potential outcomes of your decisions.
  • The first step in resolving your case is for us to get to know you and learn about the effects of your injury.

Accident Liability in Uber vs. That of Regular Taxis

Victims of accidents involving Uber drivers face a very different procedure for obtaining reasonable compensation after an accident compared to that faced by victims of accidents involving taxis in the past. Employers in the taxi and car service industries might be held liable for their drivers’ behavior if they are shown to have been negligent. However, Uber views its drivers as self-employed individuals.

To put it another way, if an Uber driver causes an accident, the company itself could not be held liable.

Now, according to a change in New Jersey law, Uber must have its own commercial insurance policy in case of an accident. The revised regulations state that:

  • When an Uber driver has a passenger in the car with them or has accepted a trip request and is on their way to pick up that passenger, Uber is responsible for maintaining its own insurance policy that covers up to $1.5 million in the event of bodily injury, property damage, or death.
  • In order to operate legally, Uber must keep in force an insurance policy that covers drivers while they are actively using the app to find passengers but have not yet accepted a ride request. This protection must include the following: (1) $50,000 in coverage for bodily injury or death per person, (2) $100,000 in coverage for bodily injury or death per accident, and (3) $25,000 in coverage for property damage. If the driver’s own insurance company does not cover them while they are working, they might fall back on this policy for protection.
  • New Jersey’s no-fault insurance legislation mandates that Uber drivers carry their own policies. But many of these policies exclude coverage for vehicles used in business. Uber drivers’ own insurance policies typically only kick in if they weren’t using the app at the time of the accident.

Our team of skilled uber injury attorneys in Hackensack, NJ will fight for your right to fair compensation from the commercial coverage Uber is now required to give, as most personal auto insurance policies will not cover accidents involving Uber drivers.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Uber Accidents In Hackensack, NJ

What if I was hurt in an Uber accident but I don't think I have the resources to take Uber to court?

To begin, we are dedicated to creating the strongest case possible before even making the initial claim, which allows us to settle most of our injury cases out of court. Our Hackensack uber accident lawyers take cases on a contingency fee basis, so there’s nothing to lose if the insurance company refuses to bargain in good faith. In other words, you only have to pay our legal fees if we actually end up obtaining compensation for you. Get in touch with us now to hear about our pricing plans.

I accidentally hurt myself while working with Uber. Other than my own insurance, do I have any other means of seeking recompense?

Obviously, if you had a passenger with you. have been paired with a travel companion, or are using the app. According to New Jersey’s no-fault insurance legislation, you must first make a claim on your own policy. To counter this, New Jersey has a special provision in its insurance statute that applies only to Uber drivers who have passengers in their cars. The Uber insurance policy must offer medical coverage for the injured driver. In some cases, you can file a claim under that policy before filing a claim with your own insurer (note that the same does not apply if you were simply looking for a passenger at the time of the accident).


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