The New Jersey Turnpike is a busy roadway that is heavily traveled. The amount of traffic generally increases over the weekend. Large and busy roadways are an important part of society and the ratio of vehicles traveled to the number of accidents that occur is potentially minor. Unfortunately, this does not mean that car accidents do not happen and the last weekend was no exception. The car accident that happened over the past weekend on the New Jersey Turnpike occurred around 12:30 a.m. The accident involved three motor vehicles, which were a Nissan Altima, semi-truck and a Lincoln Navigator. The accident began when the Nissan Altima was traveling in the northbound lane of the Turnpike. The police report indicates the Nissan Altima slowed down in a response to slower-moving traffic. As the Nissan Altima slowed down, the semi-truck rear-ended the Nissan Altima. The rear-end collision caused the Nissan Altima to collide into the concrete divider. When the Nissan Altima collided with the divider, it became pinned between the divider and the semi-truck. The semi-truck dragged the Nissan Altima and it eventually collided with a Lincoln Navigator. The collision caused a teenage girl, who was in the backseat of the Nissan Altima, to be thrown from the car, and the two adults in the front seats were trapped inside the vehicle. It took several hours for the local firefighters to free the two trapped adults. The teenager and one of the adults who were in the Nissan Altima remain in critical condition and the driver is in stable condition. The car accident remains under investigation. Source: Teaneck Patch, "Two Critically Injured in NJ Turnpike Crash," Noah Cohen, Aug. 25, 2012