Sadly, it is not always easy to hold all parties liable that may be at fault for an accident. A 2003 accident that killed a young boy and injured his brother may have at least in part been the fault of New Jersey State transportation officials that declined to fund a pedestrian walkway near the site where the fatal accident occurred. However, because of legal immunity on the part of the officials, no wrongful death suit can be brought against them. As the above circumstances show, litigation can be prohibitively complex. The party most at fault may not always be the party held accountable for negligent acts. However, that's not to say that other parties can be shielded from liability as often other parties negligence may have contributed to the accident. In any case, the family of a deceased child killed in this car accident needs to know all of its options. Often, legal counsel experienced in the area of personal injury and insurance related matters can make an adequate determination as to what will at least somewhat compensate a victim or their family for a tragic accident such as the one mentioned above. Most of us are not prepared for the death of a loved one - especially when that death concerns a young son or daughter. Yet accidents involving children that happen to be pedestrians on the road are not uncommon. Though financial compensation alone will not bring the young person back, it can help ease the financial and emotional burden placed upon those grieving their death. Source: Claims Journal, "New Jersey Court: State Not Responsible for Fatal Accident," Dec. 27, 2011