Truck driving ranks among the most dangerous occupations in New Jersey, due to the long hours that drivers spend on the road. The more time one spends driving, the more likely they are to get into a motor vehicle accident. Truck drivers can also be injured by working on their rigs or handling cargo. When a truck driver is hurt on the job in New Jersey, are they eligible for workers’ compensation?

When Are Workers’ Comp Benefits Available?

A person may file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits when they have suffered an injury or developed an occupational illness in the course and scope of their employment. However, workers’ compensation benefits are only available to employees. Independent contractors may not obtain benefits from the company that has hired them to do work. 

Are Truck Drivers Employees?

Generally, truck drivers are presumed to be employees of the trucking company they work for. A truck driver can only be properly classified as an independent contractor if they meet the following three criteria:

  • The driver is free from the hiring company’s control and direction over how the driver performs their work
  • The driver performs work that is outside the hiring company’s normal business
  • The driver is customarily engaged in an independent trade or business of providing truck driving services

As a result, most trucking companies will not have a relationship with a truck driver that allows the company to classify the driver as an independent contractor. 

How Does a Truck Driver File for Workers’ Comp?

A truck driver who is injured on the job can file a claim for workers’ compensation by:

  • Reporting the accident or their injury to the employer as soon as possible
  • Seeking medical treatment as soon as possible -- an employer has the right to require injured employees to see medical providers that have been approved by the employer or its workers’ compensation insurer. However, injured workers are usually free to seek emergency medical treatment from any provider and still have it covered by workers’ compensation
  • Filing a formal claim with the New Jersey Division of Workers’ Compensation if the employer denies the driver’s claim for benefits or fails to pay the full benefits the driver believes they are entitled to

What Kind of Workers’ Compensation Benefits Can You Receive?

Under New Jersey’s workers’ compensation system, you may be entitled to receive financial benefits that include:

  • Payment of all reasonable and necessary medical expenses
  • Partial wage replacement if temporarily disabled from working or from working full-time
  • Disability benefits if injuries result in permanent disability
  • Vocational rehabilitation services to help retrain into a new job that can be performed within the permanent limitations imposed by injuries

If a truck driver passes away due to a work injury or an occupational illness, their family may also be entitled to recover:

  • Financial contribution for funeral and burial expenses
  • Survivor’s benefits, equal to a percentage of the driver’s average weekly wage, payable to a widow/widower who does not remarry and to minor children

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