Riding a motorcycle can be exciting, but also poses potential dangers. A potential danger of riding a motorcycle is that motorcycles do not have seatbelts. When a motorcycle accident occurs, there is a potential for the motorcycle driver and a possible passenger to incur catastrophic injuries. Many motorcycles are present on New Jersey roadways and unfortunately one of the motorcycles traveling on these roadways was involved in a fatal accident. Earlier this week a young woman, who was about to turn 30, was a passenger on motorcycle that was traveling on New Jersey Interstate 95. At approximately 3:40 a.m., the motorcycle was rear-ended by a Ford Taurus. When the motorcycle was rear-ended it was stopped on the shoulder of the roadway. The motorcycle was traveling with several other motorcycles, all of which had stopped on the shoulder to fix a flat tire. The collision between the motorcycle and the car caused the young girl to be thrown from the motorcycle. After the woman was thrown off of the motorcycle, she landed on the pavement, near the center lane, of Interstate 95. A third vehicle was involved in the accident. The third vehicle swerved, presumably to avoid hitting the woman's body, and collided with the motorcycle. The woman was declared dead at the accident scene and taken to the local Medical Examiner for an autopsy. This type of motorcycle accident may contain the circumstances for a wrongful death lawsuit. A wrongful death lawsuit can provide the family of the accident victim with appropriate compensation to deal with the loss of the victim. Source: The Hour, "New Jersey woman killed in early morning motorcycle accident on I-95," Chase Wright, July 16, 2012