A woman from down south recently won a $13 million verdict concerning a series of mishaps that occurred while the woman was riding down in an elevator. Apparently, the woman experienced a series of falls in an elevator ride from the 23rd floor down to the basement. It was alleged in the premises liability lawsuit that an onsite mechanic was aware that the elevator was malfunctioning while the woman was inside of it. However, rather than allowing the woman to get out of the elevator, he sent the elevator all the way to the basement and this resulted in her injuries being exasperated. It was claimed in this lawsuit that the woman suffered post traumatic stress disorder, chronic depression, partial paralysis of her left leg, seizures and injuries that kept her wheelchair bound for a number of years. Obviously, her injuries were significant enough for a jury to award the woman a significant verdict. Though elevator accidents resulting in fatalities are rare, a large number of premises liability cases do result (at least in the New Jersey area) because of these types of accidents. Such devices are prone to mechanical breakdowns or do not always function smoothly. Individuals often fall in elevators or get caught up in the doors. And the injuries suffered can be surprisingly traumatic. When anyone is injured on someone else's property due to a property conditions or lack maintenance, they may wish to speak to a personal injury attorney. Attorneys can inspect the premises for safety, and hold property owners accountable for negligent upkeep. Source: Sun-Sentinel, "Elevator fall nets woman $13 million jury award," by Robert Nolin, Sep. 7, 2012