As winter approaches, New Jersey residents can expect to see lower temperatures, snow and ice. Winter conditions happen every year and inevitably the winter weather conditions affect traffic and contribute to car accidents that are caused by drivers who aren't adjusting to the changes in the conditions. Winter weather has already affected New Jersey traffic and a recent car accident occurred on early winter's icy roads. The accident occurred at approximately 9:30 p.m. and traffic reports indicate the highways may have been icy or slippery due to recent weather. The icy or slippery roads were cited as a contributing factor in the two-car accident. The initial accident report indicates the driver of the first car lost control of the vehicle. While the driver the first car was not in control of his vehicle, the first vehicle crashed into a second car. The two cars involved in the accident contained three people; two people were in the initial car and one person was in the second car. The two people in the initial car were both declared dead at the accident scene. The third person involved was the one driving the second car and was taken to a local hospital after the accident. Recent reports indicate the driver of the second car is now in stable condition. Even though icy roads may have been a contributing factor in the accident, it may not alleviate the civil liability of the driver who was caused the car accident. Additionally, the deceased driver's estate may still be responsible for the damages caused in the accident. When external circumstances and deceased persons are involved in a car accident, an experienced attorney can help an injured party retrieve their entitled compensation in a challenging situation. Source: NBC 10 Philadelphia, "2 Dead in Accident on Icy, Snowy NJ Road," Kelly Bayliss, Nov 8, 2012