Although it might not feel like it based on how your current or former employer is treating you right now, being a whistleblower is a very honorable position to be in. Also, if you have reported the discriminatory or illegal actions of your employer, you are on the right side of the law, and you are protected from being retaliated against by your employers. Whistleblowers should be rewarded for their brave actions to stop illegal behavior, but more commonly they are retaliated against, wrongfully terminated or wrongfully demoted. If this has happened to you, The Epstein Law Firm is here to help. We will aggressively advocate on your behalf to defend your legal rights under the law. You are protected from discrimination, wrongful termination and other retaliatory behavior by your employer if you have reported the wrongful acts or discrimination of your employer, refused to engage in unlawful or illegal activities, filled out a claim for workers' compensation or provided testimony about your employer's actions. New Jersey employees who have done any of the above four actions and were retaliated against as a result will have the right to seek justice and financial restitution from their employers in court. These employees will be able to seek protection under the Conscientious Employee Protection Act. CEPA protects workers who have suffered from retaliation after doing the right thing. If you or your loved one has been wrongfully terminated, unfairly demoted or discriminated against by an employer, it may be time to think about whether you could seek justice through an employment law action.