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What should new riders know about motorcycle safety?

To really be safe on a motorcycle in New Jersey, new riders shouldn’t think that they can just hop on and start riding without taking the time to consider a few key points. This is, in many ways, harder than driving a car. Here are a few things that all new riders may want to think about:

— A safety course can teach new riders a lot about how to ride, what to watch out for and what steps to take to avoid crashes.– Courses are also required to get an endorsement, making it legal to ride.– Riding a dirt bike first can be a good idea to get used to the way that you ride a motorcycle; you’ll be going slower and you won’t have traffic around you, so it is a safer way to learn.– A scooter can also be a safe way to learn due to its low power, though you probably will ride in traffic.– A bike with an automatic transmission is great for a new rider, as it means he or she has one less thing to think about; additionally, shifting mistakes won’t lead to accidents, as they can on other bikes.– Above all else, new riders are advised to avoid all risks that they can; bikers are sometimes tempted to drive too quickly or too aggressively, but these unnecessary risks just increase the odds of a wreck for no reason.

Not all accidents are the fault of the bikers, though, so these tips can’t help bikers avoid every crash. If someone else caused a wreck and you were injured, you should know your legal rights.

Source: Ride Apart, “Advice for the New Rider,” Jason Fogelson, accessed Aug. 25, 2015

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