It seems like every day there is another story in the news about an accident at a New Jersey construction site. In general, construction sites are dangerous for everyone, not just the men and women who work in the industry. For example, how many times have you walked through the city and found yourself surrounded by scaffolding due to the construction or renovations of a building? You have probably found yourself in this situation several time and, during those times, you may have been worried about something falling from the scaffolding. Furthermore, you may have even had a few close calls. Falling objects are not the only dangers on and around construction sites. The following construction site hazards are some that construction workers and others face every day. Falls People suffer injuries due to falls on construction sites more than any other reason. A fall can happen due to poorly assembled scaffolding, a simple loss of balance from a high place or because of an uncovered hole. Faulty equipment Another common cause of construction site accidents is faulty equipment. For instance, a nail gun that misfires or a crane that malfunctions can cause a serious accident and even death. Fires, explosions and electrocution Bad wiring can easily lead to a fire or electrocution. Leaks in gas pipes or chemicals that spill might cause an explosion. While these types of accidents are typically rare, they can have some very serious and catastrophic consequences. Trench collapses Both trench and building collapses are also potential accidents that can happen on a construction site. Like explosions and fires, collapses are more rare but usually have tragic results. The reason for the seriousness of these specific accidents is that they often happen without warning. This means that workers and bystanders may not be able to exit the area fast enough to avoid injury. If you have suffered an accident on a construction site, you might be able to take legal action. You should not have to suffer financial losses in addition to your injuries because of someone else's negligence.