A horrific crash on the New Jersey Turnpike killed one man and left comedian Tracy Morgan with serious injuries. The crash happened on June 7, 2014. Though the legal process has been long and complex, reports have now come out that the two sides have agreed to terms on a settlement. However, they did not reveal at this time what the settlement would be. It was stated that Wal-Mart admitted to being fully responsible for the wreck, which involved one of its semi trucks and the vehicle carrying Morgan and other members of his group. This group included another comedian, James McNair, who died in the wreck. He was 63 years old. Multiple factors seem to have contributed to the crash. For one thing, it appears that the semi driver was speeding. Additionally, he had not slept for over 24 hours. The combination of speed and fatigue can be deadly because both can lower reaction times in the split second before a wreck. Despite Wal-Mart's admission of guilt and agreement to pay Morgan, the driver of the semi truck has maintained his own innocence. He has been charged with death by auto (one count) and assault by auto (four counts). On all counts, he has put in a not guilty plea. The truck driver is 35 years old. Truck drivers are naturally supposed to abide by the standard rules of the road, but they also have additional regulations relating to working hours, log books, and taking breaks when they get tired. If these things are ignored, those who are injured may be able to seek compensation. Source: Los Angeles Times, "Tracy Morgan, Wal-Mart reach settlement in deadly New Jersey Turnpike crash," James Queally, May. 27, 2015