Several months ago, we wrote about a horrible truck accident that occurred on a New Jersey highway. The accident occurred when a dump truck collided with a school bus filled with children. Amongst the injured were triplet sisters. The accident claimed the life of one of the triplets and seriously injured the other two sisters. The two surviving sisters have both now been released from the hospital and the family has begun the process of dealing with the accident. Part of the process of dealing with the truck accident includes the family seeking to be made whole by holding responsible those who caused the accident. The New Jersey family has filed a lawsuit against the owners of the vehicles involved in the accident. The lawsuit includes statements by the parents about events that happened before the accident occurred. The triplet's parents stated the bus driver would accelerate the bus before children on the bus were able to properly sit, and the inappropriate acceleration caused the children on the bus to fall into the bus aisles. The lawsuit also claims the dump truck driver's past driving history should have impacted his employment responsibilities. Specifically, the dump truck driver has a previous conviction for reckless driving. Given the driver's conviction, the employer should have given him employment responsibilities that did not involve driving or take measures to ensure he could appropriately operate commercial vehicles. One of the claims made in the lawsuit states the two remaining sisters had to witness the death of the third triplet due the defendant's reckless and negligent actions. The lawsuit also claims the dump truck involved in the accident was overweight and speeding. These factors caused the dump truck to collide with the school bus by failing to properly observe the road conditions. The family's lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount of damages and remains pending before the court. Source: Delaware Online, "Parents of triplets involved in fatal N.J. bus accident file lawsuit," George Mast, April 21, 2012