Perhaps the worst types of car accidents are those that involve head-on crashes. A college student is in critical condition in a New Jersey hospital after his vehicle was heading southbound in a northbound lane. The student was found unresponsive and was only revived after police officers applied a defibrillator after pulling the student out of the car. The driver of the other vehicle suffered neck, chest and back pain as a result of the accident and was also taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital. The other driver was operating an SUV on Route 202 when the college student's Honda crashed into the SUV. Police officers at the scene stated that both vehicles were badly damaged as the head-on collision was extremely centered and direct. In light of such a devastating accident, hospital bills, wage losses and other expenses are bound to be extensive. There also is going to be required a thorough investigation to determine exactly what occurred. This is especially important in trying to make a determination as to why a head-on collision occurred to begin with. Finally, representation from an attorney will likely be required in order that recovery can be sought. Even if it is easy to determine causation, that is still a long way from determining who will actually be able and required to pay the compensation of the injured party or parties after such an accident. The negligent party may be uninsured or underinsured and thus judgment proof. Insurance companies may delay in providing any compensation until the exact facts of the accident can be determined. Source:, "New City man, 22, 'critical' after head-on crash," by Steve Lieberman, Jan. 31, 2012